Welldercare announces strategic partnership with iiV Health solution

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Through the partnership, Welldercare can expand its services to include non-invasive prevention of peripheral arterial disease in elderly homes for the elderly.

Welldercare announces its latest strategic partnership with iiV Health Solutions, enabling end-to-end solutions for more than 60 peripheral arterial diseases. This partnership will leverage iiV Health Solutions technology for the prevention, early detection and management of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in diabetes across all Welder Care retired resorts.

There are more than 70 million diabetics in India, many of whom suffer from peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which can develop into severe lower extremity ischemia (CLI) and lead to amputation. The partnership between Welldercare and iiV Health Solutions is a strategic step towards providing affordable, non-invasive technology for the prevention and control of disease. Welldercare uses state-of-the-art technology for continuous preventive medical monitoring. In this context, non-invasive techniques provide minimal discomfort and easy access to the biomarkers required for supervision.

The technology provided by iiV Health Solutions is cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) that provides access to telemedicine at Welldercare resorts. “Through this partnership, the iiV Health Solutions platform provides tools for early detection of peripheral arterial disease, reducing or eliminating the risks associated with diabetes and leading to a healthier later life.” Welldercare India CEO Kanishka Acharya said:

“What is often lost in this maze of innovation is technology that makes a real difference in everyday life, whether it improves the quality of activities of daily living (ADL) or restores the dignity of the elderly. The need to develop and implement. The entire caregiver-caregiver interaction, “he adds.

Welldercare integrates hospitality and holistic care into more than 60 single platforms. It uses an integrated approach to health with powerful preventive medical interventions backed by the latest non-intrusive technology. The company recently announced plans for a network of retirement resorts across India, starting with locations in Goa, Manari and Kumaracom. The company plans to expand its network of LAAS retirement resorts to 20 locations in the next 24 months.

Welldercare announces strategic partnership with iiV Health solution

Source link Welldercare announces strategic partnership with iiV Health solution

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