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We must do our best to India, says Joe Root.Cricket news

Goal: India’s reversal series victory over Australia is a “great ad” for test cricket, and his side will have to be their “absolute best” to challenge them at home, England captain Joe Root said.
Injured India also missed star players like skipper Virat Kohli, scoring three wickets in the series. This was the fourth test to conclude the four-game series with 2-1. He scored the lowest 36 points in history in Adelaide.

“It was a great series to play great cricket and watch from start to finish,” Root told reporters the night before his second test against Sri Lanka, England.
“India showed great fighting, personality, resilience, and depth within the team, and the men came and acted as they did.
“As a cricket fan watching test cricket, it was a great ad for the game, and our trip to India now makes the tour even more exciting.”

The UK will tour India to play four tests starting in Chennai on February 5th. The test series is followed by 5 T20Is and 3 ODIs.
“I think India is confident. They are a very good team and know how to get the most out of their condition. We will absolutely have to do our best, but that’s it. It’s an exciting outlook for us. ”
“We go there in full hope of winning the series, but there’s a lot to do before we get there (in our second test against Sri Lanka).”

England won the first test against Sri Lanka with 7 wickets.
Star players Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer, who have rested in the series with Sri Lanka, will be nominated for England on the India Tour.
“You talk anywhere in the world, the two guys back there will give the team a big boost, and that’s certainly our case,” Root said.
“I’m looking forward to seeing them come back in and around the team. Hopefully they’re full of energy and ready to go when they get here.”

We must do our best to India, says Joe Root.Cricket news

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