Warner remembers his weak record against Broad before Ash Cricket News

Sydney: When England hit New Zealand and the field in the first test of the two-game series, Australian starting pitcher David Warner made a quirky comment on Wednesday’s three-lions pacemaker Stuart Broad.
England and Australia will begin on December 8th in Brisbane later this year. When these two camps confronted in 2019, Warner was fired seven times by Broad and left-handed batters had a poor bat series.
“I’m trying to sleep here in Australia, but this guy pops up on my TV screen !! It takes a few months to sleep a bit before the ashes fall under #ashes #cricket,” Warner said. I tweeted.

On Tuesday, Broad was appointed Deputy Test Captain of England in a match against New Zealand in the absence of Ben Stokes.
In October 2020, Broad told Warner that he was “lucky” in the ashes of 2019 when Bowler fired an Australian batter seven times in a 104-ball span.
A 34-year-old cricketer spoke with analyst’s Virtual Cricket Club, an initiative set up by Simon Hughes to support professional cricketers’ trust, saying the timing and conditions of the series created the perfect platform for success. It was.
“I was lucky in the sense that bowling with a brand new ball in England was a really good summer. Probably because of the World Cup, the pitch was dry,” said ESPNcricinfo. Needless to say, it’s wide.
“I was fresh, lively and excited because it was my first international cricket in the summer.
Warner was experiencing a lean patch at Ash 2019. Left-handed batters scored only 95 runs in 10 test innings, and Broad sent off Warner seven out of ten in Ash 2019, resonating with the fight against the bat.
“During the World Cup, I had a lot of time to research. [Warner] Especially in the tired three innings, he is very good at punishing short bowling and width, “Broad said.
“I was focused on hitting the stump with all the energy, but when I caught him twice, the ball was back on the stump, so he played me or left me I was at a loss, “added the pacemaker.
The fifth match of 2019 Ashes defeated England with 135 runs to make the series 2 to 2. However, Australia retained the bone ur retained because it acquired ash in the 2017/18 season.

Warner remembers his weak record against Broad before Ash Cricket News

Source link Warner remembers his weak record against Broad before Ash Cricket News

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