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New Delhi: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson have agreed on a common vision for a new, transformative and comprehensive strategic partnership between Britain and India with ambitious India by 2030. Steered by adopting the UK roadmap Cooperation over the next 10 years.
The two leaders will meet substantially on May 4, 2021, highlighting their common commitment to a strengthened partnership in science, education, research and innovation, and look forward to the next Minister’s Council on Scientific Innovation (SIC). I am doing it.

They signed a new UK-India MoU on telecommunications / ICT, declared a joint intention on digital and technology, established a new high-level dialogue on technology, a new joint rapid research investment in Covid19, and a new partnership to support. Welcomed. Zunotic research, new investments to promote understanding of meteorological and climate sciences, and continuation of the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI).

They have agreed to expand and strengthen the existing UK-India vaccine partnership, Oxford University on effective Covid 19 vaccines “developed in the UK”, “made in India” and “manufactured in India”. , AstraZeneca, and the Indian Serum Institute of India emphasized the success of the collaboration. Distributed globally. ” They emphasized that the international community should learn lessons and agreed to work with WHO to reform and strengthen the global health and security architecture to strengthen pandemic resilience.

Some of the key points for strengthening STI cooperation between the two countries are:

1. An environment that strengthens women’s role in STEMM in schools, universities and research institutes and enables equal participation of women in the STEM field through cooperation in new initiatives such as gender advancement for institutional change. A project to strengthen cooperation between India and the United Kingdom on the construction of (GATI).

2. Industry, academia to promote innovation among school students by focusing on teacher training, mentoring and sharing of global best practices through initiatives such as the India Innovation Competency Enhancement Program (IICEP). , Develop intergovernmental collaboration.

3. We will continue to support high quality and influential research and innovation through joint processes based on our existing bilateral research, science and innovation infrastructure, and government relations. Britain and India, mutual partners of choice in areas of common priorities such as health, circular economy, climate, clean energy, urban development, engineering of healthier environments, waste-to-wealth manufacturing, manufacturing, etc. Positioned as a force for the good of the world. , Cyber-physical systems, space and related research.

4. Build partnerships, optimize impacts and leverage expertise and networks throughout the research and innovation pipeline, from basic research to applied and interdisciplinary research to translation and commercialization of the entire government sector. And minimize duplication.

5. Building by leveraging existing long-standing bilateral partnerships in education, research, innovation, etc., inspiring a joint pipeline of talent, talented researchers and early innovators, and establishing a joint center for students And seek new opportunities for researchers to interact with and facilitate access to state-of-the-art facilities.

6. Work together to share knowledge and expertise in regulatory aspects, including artificial intelligence, scientific support for policy, and ethics, and facilitate dialogue in research and innovation. Through the Tech Summit, we bring together technology innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers to collaborate on issues such as future technology norms and governance under the cross-cutting theme of “data.”

7. Grow programs such as the Fast Track Startup Fund to foster innovation-driven sustainable growth and employment, and technology solutions that benefit both countries. Seeking partnerships with co-investment to enable innovative technology-enabled business growth, growing and scaling internationally, for example in the context of climate and environment, healthcare technology devices, industrial biotechnology and agriculture Increase the number of start-ups and MSMEs, and help sustainable development, achieve global goals by 2030.

Virtual Summit in India and UK Strengthens STI Cooperation – India Education | Latest Education News India | Global Education News

Source link Virtual Summit in India and UK Strengthens STI Cooperation – India Education | Latest Education News India | Global Education News

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