Vidia Balan, who plays the forest officer in “Scerni”

After captivating the audience with her last outing “Shakuntaradebi” and receiving great praise for it, all actors Vidia Balan are ready to captivate the audience again with “Scerni”.

Directed by Newton’s fame Amit Masaker, Scerni is a groundbreaking story that involves the journey of a female forest officer navigating her marriage to a rather unusual job. In the movie, which will be released on Amazon Prime Video on June 18, Vidya character Vidya Vincent embraces the idea of ​​patriarchy in a unique way while ensuring that she does the work she has set. I am.

Actor Vidya Balan was invited to the exclusive tête-à-tête to talk more about Vidya Vincent, including shooting in the midst of a pandemic, choosing a role to get out of mold, and feminism.

Here are some excerpts:

Q. Getting out of the mold seems to be an important element of the role you play. Is there one reason you said Scerni?

A. I have never thought about that. But I think I’m tired of everyday life. I get tired of repeating. Maybe that’s why I always want to do something new. Therefore, I will choose the role I will play. I’m always trying to break it because you’re saying it, maybe I don’t like being trapped in a mold.

Q. Your last outing “Shakuntala Devi” was supposed to be released in theaters, but later on OTT. The same scenario applies to “Sherni”. What do you have to say about movies that are being released digitally for a pandemic?

A. A pandemic is an unfortunate global event. We all want to leave. It clearly influenced a variety of businesses, including our theater. Therefore, in this particular scenario, we thank God for the OTT platform that can release releaseable content. Amazon Prime is a universal film, and the platform will be released in 240 countries on the same day, in this case June 18, so I have to say that it’s probably the best platform for Sherni.

Q. How difficult was it to work under a strict protocol? Did working with the biobubbles act like additional pressure to quickly wrap the shoot, or did you release yourself out into the woods?

A. It was difficult in a way, but not so much for me. Not as much as the rest of the unit that came with the mask or PPE kit. It was hard on a very hot day. But besides that, I think it was helpful because I was in the jungle. We weren’t interacting with the rest of the world, we were in a bio bubble. And thanks to the pure air in the jungle, you just feel healthy.

Q. In addition to humans vs. animals, Sheri’s premise is that Vidia Vincent breaks stereotypes and incorporates the idea of ​​patriarchy. Can you discuss it?

A. She challenges the idea of ​​patriarchy without much clarity. She has few words, is shy, is quiet, tends to be withdrawn, and doesn’t want to interact with people too much. So she is not the brave person who can expect a powerful person, especially an authorized person, to speak in a particular tone. But she is not. She’s very gentle, but she’s still doing exactly what she wants to do. And that’s why I feel Scerni isn’t just a roarer, you don’t have to roar to become a Scerni. You are quiet and unobtrusive, you can be anyone, and you can still be Scerni, that’s why I think each of us is Scerni.

Q. In the trailer, Vidya Vincent is illuminated by a gas lamp. Did you have an example of this kind in real life?

A. Of course, I have been exposed to gas lights from people. When I trust someone, or when someone trusts someone, I find it difficult to see when they are illuminated by gas lights. It happened to me. I didn’t even know what a gas lamp was until a few years ago. And now that I know it, I know it well. When someone feels that they are shining a gas light on me, I avoid that person. Because you can’t change the manipulator.

Q. Also, trailer characters are told to look and dress in a particular way, has that ever happened to you?

A. Of course. I think everyone knows in my career what I should wear, what I should weigh, and everyone had an opinion on it all. I was worried before, but I didn’t. And when it didn’t bother me, people stopped talking. But I must say that my mother didn’t give up on wearing jewelry.

Q. When women are in power, especially in the patriarchal society in which we live, men-dominated fortresses, men find it difficult to receive orders and instructions from women even in this era. Do you?

A. Similarly, women find it difficult to give instructions to men. It’s because of our conditioning. It is said that the man must be in charge or the man must be in charge and he has to say what to do because he does not know what to do. That’s why I have a dream and I have a hard time when I want to make it happen. And, as you know, we feel so much fear and even successful women feel guilty. It’s all the flexion of the same illness. So I think I’m not only a man but also a woman. We underestimate ourselves and judge ourselves. Because that’s what we’re being told forever. Feminism is practice above all else. You are not used to it, so you have to practice to be equal. What happens from time to time is that if you ignore it, you’re making something permanent. Maybe they don’t know it when you talk to others about it, and they get to know it. And it only brings awareness of change.

Q. From The Dirty Picture, we embarked on this journey to star in a movie that focuses on unconventional themes and unique stories. How do you see this journey of making so many powerful and successful women-led films?

A. No, I was going to do it. But I wanted to do something meaningful to me. I was an extension of my belief and wanted to do a job that would excite and satisfy me. Therefore, I went ahead and made the choices I made. But I think I was in the right place, at the right time, not only did it go wrong, but also started to change something in the cinema. But I can’t admit any of those achievements. But yes, so far it has been an exciting and fulfilling trip. And I hope it only gets better from here.

Q. Since I screened two movies on OTT, is it okay to take up the web series?

A. That’s right. I’ve been offered a lot, but nothing is really excited to take the plunge because it’s a huge time commitment. Maybe if something feels irresistible, I might take the plunge. You need to be mentally ready as you shoot for months, months, and perhaps seasons.

Q. There is another Amazon Prime series that has become a hot topic in town, “The Family Man”. Have you seen it?

A. No, I haven’t seen it yet. But I’m waiting.

Q. “Few people know that Familyman actor Priyamani is your cousin. Do you want to say anything about her?

A. That’s right. But can you believe we’ve met once in our lives? We are distant cousins. And because our family is out of touch, we met on the stage of the film award. She is believed to be a great actor and she is doing really well for herself. Give her more power.

Q. As for Scerni, fans have fixed expectations for Oscar from the movie. What do you have to say about it?

A. I love them all. I hope you will feel the same after watching the movie. And if you do, only you will put your desires into space. I hope it will appear.

Vidia Balan, who plays the forest officer in “Scerni”

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