Video of dancers twerking at an Australian military event causes controversy

A video clip of a dancer towerking at an Australian military event has become viral and is making a noise in the country. A group of women performed at the commissioning ceremony of HMAS Supply’s new $ 2 billion naval vessel on April 10 in Sydney.

Viral video has caused a huge backlash in the Royal Australian Navy, which many call it “inappropriate.” In the video, you can see seven female dancers in red tops and black shorts swaying and dancing in front of the HMAS supply ship.

Conservative lawmakers sympathized with those who called the event non-expert, while the Australian tabloids blamed military standards, according to a BBC report.

Philip Thompson, a member of Parliament representing Herbert in Queensland, said the Australian Defense Force had “goed too far to the left” on a recent social agenda and questioned the presence of dancers at the event, according to ABC. It was quoted.

“The ADF standards, and definitely the standards for commissioning ships, should be a little higher,” he said.

After facing severe criticism, the dance group (101 Puppet Squadron) accused ABC of editing the video in a “deceptive” way, feeling they were “unsafe” and “exploited.” Was issued. This clip appears to show the dignitaries who attended the event during the performance.

“We are very disappointed with ABC’s deceptive editing of their video work, cut by guests and senior officials who are not present and shot from an angle that the audience cannot see. This is very disappointing. Turned out to be bad, “they said.

ABC also invited criticism from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who said he was “disappointed” in reporting the ABC case.

“I’m disappointed that this event was reported very incorrectly. I think it was rude to the performers to suggest that the governor and others were attending that way,” said Prime Minister Morrison. Said.

“It’s a shame that Australians were so misunderstood about the issue,” he added.

Meanwhile, ABC apologized for how they edited the video. They claimed that the reporter was told by the government’s MP that both the governor-general and the commander-in-chief of the Navy were attending the dance.

“The video should not have been edited that way. ABC apologizes to the governor-general, the Navy Commander-in-Chief, and the viewers for this mistake,” the statement said.

Video of dancers twerking at an Australian military event causes controversy

Source link Video of dancers twerking at an Australian military event causes controversy

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