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Jangmu: Deputy Governor Manoji Shinha visited Jangmu’s Government Medical College today to review Covid’s clinical controls being implemented by hospital managers.

The Vice-Governor has instructed to hire additional emergency medical staff in addition to reasonably leveraging existing resources to ensure effective patient care management, with a focus on strengthening health care workers. did.

The Vice-Governor always directed the presence of senior doctors, nurses, and paramedics in the clinical field to be ensured by hospital management. He also emphasized optimized supportive care for Covid patients and 24-hour care by hospital staff.

Dr. Shashi Sudhan Sharma, GMC Principal and Dean, and AH’s Jammu have informed the Vice-Governor that within three days 250 nurses will join GMC Jammu, significantly increasing the availability of health care workers. did.

The Deputy Governor places particular emphasis on providing better facilities for patients, with all medications, nutritious diets, 24-hour patient care, food and water for patient attendance, and proper admission. I instructed my senior doctor to secure. Give it to the attendant.

“Senior physicians also need to be at the forefront in informing people to adopt safe practices and the Covid protocol. Elderly people are doctors, patient care and treatment, and public health advocacy, including Covid pandemics. We need to take advantage of our role as a person, “said the Deputy Governor.

The Vice-Governor investigated the status of two new oxygen plants installed by GMC Janmu’s J & K UT administration to increase its oxygen capacity.

The Vice-Governor instructed the principal and senior physicians of GMC Jammu to ensure early operation of the facility, as it reviewed the progress being made towards the establishment of an additional 100-bed Covid ward.

The Vice-Governor also asked about Covid care facilities, availability of oxygen support beds, and the functioning of oxygen production plants, in addition to observing previous instructions, including regular HoDs to see patients and senior doctors in the ward. Did.

Previously, the Vice-Governor visited the site of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)’s 500-bed Covid Hospital in Bagwarty Nagar to directly evaluate the work in progress.

A fully air-conditioned temporary Covid facility with 125 ICU beds and ventilators is expected to be completed by May 25, 2021.

While the Vice-Governor was asking about the patient care facilities that would be available at the Covid Care Hospital, DRDO officers told him about the installation of oxygen production plants, triage facilities, doctors, emergency care, and other important aspects of Covid. I was informed about. Care management.

The Deputy Governor will provide all support to the DRDO, including the arrangement of health facilities, the hiring / placement of doctors, paramedics, and other health care workers, long before the hospital officially functions. I instructed the station.

The Vice-Governor set a deadline for completing roads and other ancillary work, while explaining road connectivity to hospital grounds and other related work. He instructed the relevant departments to make sure that all necessary preparations were done in advance.

In addition to being prefabricated and flame-retardant throughout the structure, liquid medical oxygen (LMO) tanks with a capacity of 40 metric tons (two tanks of 20 metric tons each) could be installed at this Covid care facility. I was notified.

Relatedly, DRDO has 500 beds of Covid facilities, one in Srinagar and one in Jammu. This will greatly improve the availability of Covid beds at J & K.

Sh. BVR Subrahmanyam, Chief Secretary; Sh. Rohit Kansal, Chief Secretary, Electric Power Development and Information Department. Dr. Raghav Langer, Commissioner of the Janmu Division. Sh. Anshul Garg, Vice-Chairman Jammu; Director of Health Services, Renu Sharma, Jammu, and other relevant officers accompanied him during the Vice-Governor’s visit.

The DRDO officer who attended was Dr. Anil Khurana, Sh’s chief engineer. Harpreet Singh, Senior Executive Officer, and Sh. Kamlesh Kumar, Dy CCE

Vice Governor Manoji Shinha Visits GMC Jammu – Education in India | Latest Education News India | Global Education News

Source link Vice Governor Manoji Shinha Visits GMC Jammu – Education in India | Latest Education News India | Global Education News

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