Venezuelan opposition leaders urge unity prior to re-execution of governor

Caracas: On Tuesday, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó urged supporters to unify as the controversy with the government over the recent governor’s elections in Barinas intensified.

Local and local elections were held across Venezuela on November 21, with the ruling Socialist Party, which had 19 governors, winning a big victory, and opposition politicians claiming three.

On Monday, the Supreme Court disqualified opposition candidate Freddie Superlano from voting in Barinas and ordered a re-execution in January because of pending administrative investigations against him. Early results suggested that Superlano was more likely to win in close quarters.

Recognized by the United States and many other Western nations as a legitimate leader in Venezuela, Guaidó “uses this moment in Barinas to reunify democracies and demand (appropriate) conditions. “. To the government of Maduro.

The disqualification of Super Rano was unjustified, Guaidó said in a demonstration in Caracas. Super Rano accused the ruling party of refusing to accept a legitimate defeat.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Information did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Barinas, home of the Socialist Party and the birthplace of the late former president Hugo Chavez, was the only state in which the court ordered a new election late Monday and Superlano was disqualified from public office. .. ..

Super Rano was challenging the incumbent Socialist Party’s Argenis Chavez, the younger brother of the former president, who resigned as governor on Tuesday and said he would not seek re-election in January.

The Supreme Court said election officials’ predictions show that Superlano secured 37.6% of the votes against 37.21% of Chavez.

“But we believe that the conditions for Superlano’s ineligibility violate the principles of equality, impartiality and transparency in the participation of candidates,” the court did not elaborate in a statement. Said to.

Members of the Chavez family have ruled the state for 20 years, and it is unclear who will replace him as a candidate for the Socialist Party.

Opposition has not stated whether it will support Super Rano’s continued bidding, nor will authorities allow him to participate in the January elections.

Beninho Alarcon, head of the Political and Government Research Center at Catrika Andres Bello University in Caracas, maintains the governor for the ruling party as losses can be perceived as evidence of fractures within the party. He said that was important.

“It may be a visible part of the conflict within the administration,” he said.

President Nicolas Maduro and his allies have long denied disagreements within the Socialist Party, saying they are united, unlike the opposition.

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Venezuelan opposition leaders urge unity prior to re-execution of governor

Source link Venezuelan opposition leaders urge unity prior to re-execution of governor

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