Vanlis defeats 10th place Louisville 80-66 over Belmont

Louisville, Kentucky: Haley van Lis had a hard time in Louisville earlier this season, but she believes she’s taking her step now.

Second grade guards considered one of the best players to score 16 points in the 10th Cardinals, which defeated Belmont 80-66 on Sunday.

This is the girl who scored the most after dropping 19 in the season opener to Arizona. Even though Cardinals (7-1) recovered from his defeat, Vanlis struggled to find her attack, shooting only 34.8% on Sunday and averaging 9.4 points per game.

She definitely played the best match of the season. After missing the first two shots, she finished making a seven of fifteen.

According to her, patience was the key.

It’s a young season, so I tried not to get too crazy. I trust myself and my skills. So, ready to move on, my team can rely on me a little more because I’ve regained my tide, she said.

Louisville coach Jeff Walz said he wasn’t worried about Van Lis’s aggressive rendition.

He said it would come. She works too hard. She is too good at players to do other things on the floor. So it was just a matter of seeing some of them coming in and then gaining that confidence.

After defensively dominating the 12th Michigan on Thursday, the Cardinals faced a tough challenge from the Bruins (4-4) team and all five starters from the team that reached the second round of the NCAA tournament last season. And returned 11 players. The mid-level forces remained at 22-20 with eight minutes remaining in the first half.

The 11-0 run in the second quarter gave Louisville a 37-22 lead. Leads grew to 64-41 in the last few seconds of the third quarter. However, Destiny Wells hit a half-court buzzer beater to give Bruins momentum for the final period.

Belmont made five out of seven three points in the final quarter and approached 72-61 with 4:47 remaining, but the hole was too deep. Bruins shot 45.2%, but crossed the arc and made 9 out of 29.

Belmont coach Bad Brooks said Louisville’s length and athleticism challenged his team.

They cover the space very well, very efficiently, very quickly, and they are really defensively trained, Brooks said. So it was difficult for us. Some of our early looks were probably a bit rushed and a little out of rhythm. In the second half, the rhythm got worse and I think the kids were a little relaxed.

Waltz said he was disappointed with the team’s defense in the final quarter. The Cardinals entered the second ranked day in the country, allowing only 43.6 points per game. Belmont scored 42 points in the second half.

According to Waltz, a terrible breakdown has just occurred. We stopped doing a little bit and stopped doing what we did in the last seven and a half years of games.

But it was a different offensive, as Louisville surpassed 50% (54%) for the third time this season. Nine players scored the Cardinals and six scored at least 8 points.

Kiana Smith scored 14 points and 1,000 points in her career.

Wells scored 19 points to lead Bruins. All of this happened in the second half as the pre-season players at this year’s Ohio Valley Conference played 10:43 in the first half for two fouls.

Meaning of pole

Cardinals will be at least a few when a new vote takes place on Monday, coupled with the defeat of 6th Indiana and 9th Iowa at the beginning of the week and Louisville’s 70-48 rout of Wolverines on Thursday and Sunday. It should help you to improve your ranking. ..

Big picture

Belmont: Despite being on the other side of the score, Bruins demonstrated his ability to hang on the Cardinals’ formidable front court, scoring 28 points in Paint and connecting with 19 of the 33 shots in the arc. This should be a team to watch for coming in March if you get out of OVC as expected.

Louisville: The Cardinals felt a slow horror reminiscent of several games last season, but the defense played a significant role throughout and Belmont missed 18 of the first 21 3-point shots, giving him an advantage. It’s big enough to keep up.


Belmont will return home to play Auburn on Wednesday.

Louisville will be off for a week to prepare to host rival No. 16 Kentucky.


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Vanlis defeats 10th place Louisville 80-66 over Belmont

Source link Vanlis defeats 10th place Louisville 80-66 over Belmont

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