Vaccine Discrimination: “Extreme” Vaccine Discrimination Risks Leaving Africa

Tommy Wilkes

London: Africa is unlikely to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic unless 70% of its population is vaccinated by the end of 2022, but “extreme vaccination” is leaving the continent. The report released on Monday states.

The discovery of Omicron variants in southern Africa raises the claim that low inoculation rates can contribute to viral mutations, which in turn can then spread to countries with much higher rates.

However, of the 54 African countries, it is on Africa’s COVID-19 that is on track to reach the World Health Organization’s goal of fully immunizing 40% of the population by the end of 2021. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation states in the report.

According to data from the Foundation established by Sudan’s Telecommunications Billionaire to promote better governance and economic development in Africa, one in fifteen Africans is fully vaccinated and the G7 group in affluent countries. Then it is close to 70%.

“Since the early days of this crisis, our Foundation and other African voices have warned that unvaccinated Africa could be the perfect incubator for variants,” said its chairman, Mo Ibrahim. Said in a statement.

“The emergence of Omicron reminds us that COVID-19 remains a global threat and that vaccination worldwide is the only way forward,” he added. “Still, we continue to be subject to extreme vaccine discrimination, especially Africa.”

Vaccine supply is in short supply in Africa after developed countries have secured their first orders from pharmaceutical companies and COVAX, a global vaccine sharing program, has made a slow start.

Vaccine deliveries to Africa have increased in recent months, but weak health systems and limited infrastructure are hampering post-arrival deployment, the report said.

In addition, the short expiration date of the donated vaccine caused confusion and some were destroyed.

According to a report on Monday, the pandemic revealed a weakness in Africa’s ability to register as a citizen, with only 10% of Africa’s deaths officially registered. The weak system increased the likelihood that vaccination rates would be even lower than official statistics showed.

The Foundation also stated that it is necessary to strengthen the naked social safety net to protect vulnerable people-Africa’s average spending on COVID-19 responses measured as a share of GDP excluding health care. Was 2.4%, less than half of the world average. (Edited by Jan Harvey)

Vaccine Discrimination: “Extreme” Vaccine Discrimination Risks Leaving Africa

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