Vaccination rate must reach 70% to trigger relaxation of restrictions

Under the goals basically agreed by the national cabinet on Friday, 7 out of 10 people over the age of 16 must be fully vaccinated for COVID restrictions to begin to be relaxed. To be more relaxed and open beyond that, including the near end of the blockade, 80% of qualified individuals need to take two doses.

Currently, 18.24% of people aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated, but nearly 40% receive a single dose. Each goal is dual and must be met at both the national level and a particular state or territory. Scott Morrison described it as two important processes.

Morrison announced the target on Friday night, stating that no timeline was attached. But he believed he could reach the 70% goal by the end of the year.

Certainly there is supply and distribution, and the opportunity to do it. But it’s up to us all to achieve that. The long-awaited figures are attached to the four-step resumption plan that has been approved by the National Cabinet in principle.

The goal at this stage is to curb COVID, including severe blockades. The second transition phase, triggered by 70% vaccination levels, aims to minimize severe illness, hospitalization, and death with low levels of restriction.

Lockdown is still possible, but less likely, during this phase. Restrictions on vaccinated residents will be relaxed. According to Morrison, this is because there is less public health risk if you are vaccinated.

“You are less likely to get the virus. You are less likely to send it. However, the details of how this works are not yet known. 80% threshold The third integration phase, triggered by value, involves only targeted blockades, such as vulnerable communities, and vaccinated residents are exempt from all national regulations.

In the final stages, COVID is treated like any other infectious disease. The target will be worked by the Treasury according to the modeling of the Doherty Institute.

These were 170 new community cases, a compilation of the latest cases in Sydney, where the blockade was extended by a month. While calling on the Government of New South Wales to impose a tighter blockade, Morrison said it was agreed under the plan, and no state or territory is needed to tighten restrictions beyond its current location.

Morrison said working hard early on the blockade during the repression phase would ultimately result in lower costs to the economy. However, in Phase B, the calculus changes and the blockade costs a lot.

After the announcement, former Liberal Party MP Craig Kelly accused him on Twitter, claiming that his constitutional freedom had been violated and declared that he had to fight it.

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Vaccination rate must reach 70% to trigger relaxation of restrictions

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