Vaccinated people may spread the coronavirus, but rarely, the US CDC reports

In yet another unwelcome twist of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Friday, making people who are fully immunized with the so-called breakthrough infection of the delta mutant as easy as unvaccinated people. Strongly suggested that the virus could be spread to others.

Vaccines maintain a strong effect on severe illness and death, and infections in vaccinated people are relatively rare, officials say. However, this revelation follows a series of other recent discoveries about delta variants that have overturned scientists’ understanding of the coronavirus.

The CDC described the outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in a new report aimed at explaining the authorities’ sudden revision of masking advice for vaccinated Americans.

Three-quarters of infected individuals were fully immunized and the delta mutation was found in most genetically analyzed samples. Authorities reported that infected and unvaccinated individuals had high levels of the virus.

“High viral load suggests an increased risk of infection, and unlike other variants, there are concerns that vaccinated people infected with Delta may be infected with the virus. It’s growing, “said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, on Friday.

Viral load data show that even fully immunized people can spread the virus as easily as infected unvaccinated people. “We believe they may do so at the individual level, which is why we updated our nominations,” Warrensky said in an email to the New York Times earlier this week. rice field.

Internal combustion engine documents obtained by the Times on Thursday night suggested greater vigilance among CDC scientists and raised disastrous questions about the virus and its trajectory.

Delta variants are about as contagious as chickenpox, documented and may require universal masking. Still, according to the agency, breakthrough infections are rare overall.

Collective research on varieties disrupts the country’s plans to return to offices and schools this fall and revives difficult questions about masking, testing, and other precautions that Americans wanted behind them. ..

Government officials and scientists likewise say that if Americans mistakenly speculate that shots aren’t effective, the findings could undermine confidence in the vaccine and disrupt the country’s delayed immune campaign. I am seriously concerned.

Vaccinated people may spread the coronavirus, but rarely, the US CDC reports

Source link Vaccinated people may spread the coronavirus, but rarely, the US CDC reports

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