US President Biden’s first UNGA speech focuses on Covid-19’s pandemic, climate crisis, human rights advocacy, and the fight against democracy

UN: Joe Biden’s first speech as President of the United States at the next UN General Assembly will end the Covid-19 pandemic, fight the climate crisis, and uphold order based on human rights, democracy, and international rules. Focus on it. The week, Washington’s envoy to the United Nations said.
United States Ambassador to the United States Linda Thomas-Greenfield will present at a press conference previewing US participation and session priorities, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Special Envoy John Kerry, and other senior State Department officials. Said to attend. “There is a complete agenda” with New York at the 76th UN General Assembly High Level Week.
“President Biden talks about our top priorities. Ending the Covid-19 pandemic. Fighting Climate Change-Climate-Climate Crisis; Defending Human Rights, Democracy, and Order Based on International Rules All three are cross-border challenges. They involve all nations on the planet, “Thomas Greenfield said on Friday.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will meet Biden in New York City on September 20th. Biden will address the General Assembly on 21 September, giving the President’s first speech to world leaders from the iconic General Assembly Hall.
The United Nations Special Envoy of the United States also said she expects much discussion on Afghanistan next week as world leaders gather at UN headquarters for a hybrid high-level general assembly session. “These discussions will reaffirm our commitment to the people of Afghanistan, especially women and girls,” she said.
“And we emphasize concerns about the situation in Afghanistan and urge the Taliban to listen to the international community and take steps to guarantee the international community, but more importantly, to the people of Afghanistan. We respect their right to ensure that they show, “she added.
“As you know, some of these promises have been given to the United Nations in writing, and the Taliban are responsible for their actions, not what they say or write in these written promises. And the international community is totally unified in that position. ”
The Taliban, which took control of Afghanistan in mid-August, promised a “comprehensive” government representing Afghanistan’s complex ethnic composition, but the provisional cabinet had no Hazara members or women.
She added that Biden is committed to working with and leading US allies and partners around the world to thwart the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We are building a coalition of governments, businesses, international organizations and civil society to increase vaccine production, accelerate access to vaccines and life-saving treatments, and strengthen health care systems around the world.” She said.
“Stopping the Covid epidemic – stopping the Covid epidemic is our number one priority next week and everywhere in the future,” she said. Regarding climate change, she said the crisis affects everyone in every country on every continent and is a particularly serious threat to many developing countries in the world.
“We know we have to take the lead,” Biden said, and he and Kelly to reinvigorate US global commitments and raise ambitions at COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. He added that it is based on the Leaders Summit on Climate.
She said, “Democracy, human rights, and order based on international rules are being attacked. Authoritarians have used pandemics as an excuse to violate human rights and strengthen their grip. Increasingly, they threaten and silence dissidents in other countries and engage in cross-border crackdowns.
“Large and wealthy dictatorships have built corrosive and coercive relationships with smaller and poorer nations. The Security Council must consider wherever terrible atrocities occur. No. There is no tension between sovereign rights and human rights, “said Thomas Greenfield.
Biden emphasizes that the United States believes that democracy can be achieved, and Washington sets an aggressive agenda for democracy reform, human rights promotion, and the fight against corruption. He said he would host a democracy summit in December.
The United States is also running for a seat on the Human Rights Council next month. “Human rights are at the heart of our foreign policy, just as they are at the core of UN projects.
“We believe that our priorities are not just American priorities, but global priorities. Next week, we will be in a place where we have a common interest in strengthening alliances and partnerships and solving major challenges. It must be a moment of gathering, promoting and defending human rights. Every turn, and to support this organization, we all work hard to support an order based on international rules. You can and will support it, “she said.
Byden will host the first face-to-face quad summit at the White House on September 24, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.
The four leaders are expected to review the evolving situation in the Indo-Pacific and discuss ways to keep important sea routes in the region unaffected as China’s military power grows. ..
In response to a question about the extension of the mission of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), she said that the UNAMA resolution was rolled over and “significant changes made to the resolution should not give us excessive awareness. It was just. ” To the Taliban. However, our commitment to Afghan women and girls has not been reduced at all in the resolution. In fact, we are determined to focus on ensuring that the rights of women and girls are respected. ”
Thomas Greenfield said Biden would provide his UNGA address and return to Washington to continue hosting virtual events related to the United Nations.
“Therefore, in line with concerns about COVID, encouraging delegations is not accompanied by too large a delegation. So, in reality, there are much smaller delegations than you would normally do here in New York, The president has a much shorter time than he normally stays, “she said.

US President Biden’s first UNGA speech focuses on Covid-19’s pandemic, climate crisis, human rights advocacy, and the fight against democracy

Source link US President Biden’s first UNGA speech focuses on Covid-19’s pandemic, climate crisis, human rights advocacy, and the fight against democracy

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