Urban Indians don’t mind updating their homes with automation and AI, the report said.

Mumbai: Automation and AI are widely adopted by consumers in many sectors with varying levels of visibility, and reports show that most urban Indians are comfortable with their homes and online shopping.

At the individual level, urban Indians are accustomed to automating their homes (64%), online shopping (60%), and manufacturing (60%), but prefer a more human-led approach in areas such as education (such as education). According to YouGov’s “Automation and AI report 2021”, 46%), medical consultations (43%), and government policy (32%).

One-third of the urban Indians interviewed feel that AI has a “positive rather than negative” impact on society, but compared to those who claim to have sufficient knowledge of technology. , The number has increased significantly from 32% to 50%. St. suggests that knowledge and positive outlook are highly correlated, the report said.

The YouGov report, Automation and AI report 2021, is based on an online survey conducted in August and targets approximately 19,000 respondents, including 17 global markets and 1,011 urban Indians.

According to the report, when it comes to industry, consumers believe that AI will have a greater impact on a particular industry than any other.

Almost half (47%) of Indian consumers believe that banks and financial services will be more affected by AI, including manufacturing (44%), education (42%) and telecommunications (41%). it continues. The report states.

By comparison, a smaller percentage of respondents believe that the benefits of this technology are more serious in the areas of government (31%), city planning (28%), housing (25%), and retail (25%). increase.

When asked which entity to trust to develop an ethical automation solution, consumers around the world are more likely to be larger, more established, and more public than smaller, according to the report. They tend to put more trust in the private sector than in the sphere.

Among urban Indians, the largest tech companies (55%) are the most trusted for this responsibility, but they also have high trust in governments and emerging tech companies, above the global average.

The report further found that Indian consumers seem to be prejudiced by the country because they are less likely to trust foreign governments to develop AI-based solutions compared to their own.

This shows that it is important for financial institutions to build trust and trust in order to strengthen the positive sentiment of consumers.

Urban Indians don’t mind updating their homes with automation and AI, the report said.

Source link Urban Indians don’t mind updating their homes with automation and AI, the report said.

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