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Negotiations between the academic library and publisher John Wiley & Sons were successful. The new agreement makes the services of all three major scientific publishers open access to UZH researchers.

About three years ago, Swiss universities began negotiations with three major publishers, Elsevier, Springer Nature and John Wiley & Sons, on behalf of Swiss universities, ensuring free open access to online journals. Did. The goal was to provide university members with continuous free access to scientific publications, allowing researchers to publish articles for free with open access. The final of these three transformative reading and publishing agreements is currently underway, and the university board approved the agreement with Wiley last week. Similar arrangements have been made in Elsevier and Springer Nature since January and July 2020.

May’s hilarious month
“The conclusion of the negotiations with Wily is a major step forward in our open access strategy,” said Elizabeth Stark, vice president of research. Thanks to the new agreement, starting May 1, nearly all of the publisher’s 1,450 hybrid journals will be available to UZH members for free open access publishing, and the number of articles will be limited by an annual allowance. I will. Related fees are paid in a fixed amount by the University of Zurich Main Building and Zentralbibliothek Zurich.

According to Wilfried Lochbühler, director of the main library, the contract was signed at no additional cost. In other words, the University of Zurich is paying less for reading and publishing agreements than before. The publisher, John Wiley & Sons, was founded over 200 years ago and now contains a wide range of journals spanning the natural sciences, medicine, technology and business. Elsevier and Springer Nature also specialize primarily in STEM publications (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Up to 10,000 journals
In addition to contracts with three major publishers, UZH also has contracts with Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Sage, and publishes journals in the humanities and social sciences. According to Wilfried Lochbühler, UZH researchers now have free access to up to 10,000 journals for open access publishing. Further negotiations on reading and publishing arrangements are currently underway with additional publishers, including Oxford University Press.

As a specialized library of natural sciences and medicine, the main library occupies a kind of leadership position in open access publishing. As Vice-President Elizabeth Stark has already made clear, her focus is primarily on helping young researchers in all faculties in the “complex areas” of this publication, which is undergoing major changes. “It’s important for young researchers to be able to publish in a place that is beneficial to their career,” the vice president of research recently wrote in a blog post.

Converting in progress
Despite these recently signed negotiations, the goals of open access and open science have not yet been fully achieved, and many publications are still moving to pure open access journals. For non-university readers, not all articles are available for free in some journals, which means that authors may have to pay a treatise processing fee (APC) or publication fee. Further negotiations by the Swiss University on full open access with all major publishers will continue.

University of Zurich: Third Major Publisher-India Education | Latest Education News India | Global Education News

Source link University of Zurich: Third Major Publisher-India Education | Latest Education News India | Global Education News

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