United Arab Emirates capital clearly provides tourists with Covid-19 vaccine

Dubai: The capital of the United Arab Emirates seems to have begun to offer free coronavirus vaccines to tourists flying to the emirates. This can attract travelers and help revive the country’s struggling tourism industry.
Abu Dhabi has not officially announced the matter, but on Tuesday a health officials telephone application provided the latest standards for vaccine access, allowing visitors to the capital to shoot Covid-19 by presenting their passports. I said I could.
According to the guidelines, passport holders must qualify for an entry visa upon arrival and will not be provided with any further information. Previously, emirate vaccinated persons had to show evidence of emirate residence.
The media office, run by the United Arab Emirates government, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Starting July 1, Abu Dhabi will remove mandatory quarantine measures for travelers from the list of approved countries.
The Union of Seven Emirates is one of the fastest vaccination campaigns in the world, with a population of over 9 million and 14.6 million doses.
The country relies heavily on China’s state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Shot, which began manufacturing China National Pharmaceutical earlier this year.
Abu Dhabi and the nearby Emirate of Dubai also offer Pfizer-BioNtech shots.
From March, all people over the age of 16 in the country are eligible to be vaccinated.
With a small population and abundant vaccine supply, the UAE ships vaccines free of charge to places in need of vaccines, such as Egypt, the Gaza Strip, and the Indian Ocean island nation of Seychelles.
As vaccination inequality becomes more severe around the world, increased access to vaccines in Abu Dhabi could be of great appeal to those who are dissatisfied with the slowing pace of vaccination campaigns in their home countries. there is.
However, medical tourism in vaccines is limited to those who have the means to travel far away, raising ethical concerns that others remain vulnerable and exposed.
Abu Dhabi has implemented strict anti-covid measures throughout the year, including closing the border with Dubai.
Upon reopening, the capital announced a new “green pass” system this month that limits access to public places to those who can show evidence of vaccination or a recent negative virus test.
Dubai, the regional financial hub home to the long-haul airline Emirates, has not disclosed plans to vaccinate tourists.

United Arab Emirates capital clearly provides tourists with Covid-19 vaccine

Source link United Arab Emirates capital clearly provides tourists with Covid-19 vaccine

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