UK warns of new COVID variants that could beat the vaccine

London: The United Kingdom said Thursday that it had lifted travel bans in six African countries, fearing that a newly identified variant of the coronavirus in South Africa could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The UK has announced that it will temporarily ban flights from South Africa and five other countries from 1200 GMT on Friday, and that the return of British travelers from these destinations will need to be quarantined.

According to the UK Health Security Agency, this variant (called B.1.1.529) contains a peplomer that is dramatically different from that of the original coronavirus on which the COVID-19 vaccine is based. It has been.

It also has mutations that are likely to evade the immune response generated by both previous infections and vaccination, as well as mutations associated with increased infectivity.

“What we know is that there are quite a few mutations, probably twice the number of mutations found in the Delta mutant,” Health Minister Sajid Javid told the broadcaster. ..

“And it would suggest that it is more contagious and the current vaccine we have may probably be less effective.”

Javid needs more data, but prevention, as scientists said laboratory research is needed to assess the potential for mutations that significantly reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. He said a travel ban was needed as a measure.

Authorities need to act swiftly and preemptively in case concerns about the impact of variants are substantiated, even if it can take weeks to generate all the necessary information about its properties. Advised the government.

Earlier Thursday, South African scientists said they were working to detect a small number of new COVID-19 variants and understand their potential effects.

Subspecies have also been found in Botswana and Hong Kong, but the UK Health and Safety Agency said no cases of subspecies were detected in the United Kingdom.

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UK warns of new COVID variants that could beat the vaccine

Source link UK warns of new COVID variants that could beat the vaccine

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