UK Health Minister says on track to end the blockade on July 19

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Tuesday that the UK plans to lift all COVID-19 blockade restrictions on July 19 as data on coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations appear promising. It was. Hancock told the BBC that it is on track to open on July 19 and will be closely monitored and will see the data, especially early next week.

Data from last week or so was encouraging, especially when looking at the number of dying people who remained very, very low, he said. His remarks “look good” that July 19 is the “end point” of Britain’s coronavirus restrictions, even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Monday that a harsh winter would come. Stated.

However, he added that the flu vaccine will be offered in the fall with the coronavirus booster jab to prevent the need for further blockades later this year. The UK reported 10,633 new cases of coronavirus and five more deaths, according to official daily figures released on Monday.

Hancock said the government will closely monitor the data next week and make an assessment related to the July timeline to ease all restrictions on rallies and weddings. The minister also indicated that plans are being considered to allow people receiving both COVID-19 vaccines to travel without quarantine, as the country aims to ease the blockade. Infection.

We do so when I am in a position to say something. But that’s absolutely what we’re working on, and what I want to see is that he gives vaccinated people more freedom to countries on the amber list of medium-risk coronavirus countries. He told Sky News when asked about allowing travel options. Hancock confirmed that the government is “working on a plan to essentially allow the vaccine to regain some of the freedom that had to be restricted to keep people safe.”

“After all, that’s the overall purpose of the vaccination program, so it’s so important that every adult goes out and get a jab,” he said. He also said that major National Health Service (NHS) apps will be “important”. In the future, the country may need an Englishman to prove vaccination status prior to entry.

“6 million people have downloaded the main NHS app, and you can see if you have a jab. In other countries, you need proof that you have been vaccinated before. It’s important because I know what you’re saying, so when the trip begins, I’ll make sure people have the ability to prove it. “


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UK Health Minister says on track to end the blockade on July 19

Source link UK Health Minister says on track to end the blockade on July 19

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