UK benefits by relaxing rules for travelers vaccinated against Covid-19, India-UK route

On Friday, the UK Government announced a significant relaxation of international travel rules for vaccinated people entering and leaving the United Kingdom, with long-distance routes between India and the United Kingdom set to benefit.

Beginning October 4, the current signaling system for Red, Amber, and Green Countries based on Covid-19 risk levels will be deprecated and replaced with only one red list.

India’s current amber list disposal means reducing the cost burden for Indian diaspora travelers vaccinated in the UK, especially in relation to compulsory PCR testing.

Indian vaccine is not recognized

However, the extended list for that country Vaccines are approved in the UK and do not include IndiaThis means that Covishield-vaccinated Indians will need to be produced by the Indian Serum Institute for the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine and undergo pre-departure PCR tests and further testing for landing in the United Kingdom.

Beginning October 4, travelers from 17 eligible vaccinated countries, including Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, will no longer need to undergo pre-departure PCR testing to travel to the United Kingdom.

“A system that goes straighter”

“Today’s changes mean a simpler, easier-to-understand system. Fewer tests, lower costs, more people traveling, meeting loved ones, doing business around the world, and traveling. We can boost the industry, “said Grant Shapps, Secretary of Transportation. ..

“Public health has always been at the heart of our international travel policy, with more than 44 million people in the UK fully vaccinated and able to introduce proportionally updated structures that reflect the new landscape. “He said.

Testing of unvaccinated passengers

Testing for unvaccinated passengers from countries other than red includes pre-departure testing and PCR testing on days 2 and 8. Passengers who are not fully vaccinated with vaccines and certificates approved under the UK’s International Travel Regulations, including India, undergo pre-departure testing, day 2 and day 8 PCR tests. , You have to self-isolate yourself. Designated address for 10 days at the time of entry.

All passengers must complete the required Passenger Locator Form prior to travel.

In the latest update, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are one of eight Red List destinations that have been removed from the Travel Ban list starting next Wednesday. Turkey, Maldives, Egypt, Oman and Kenya are others off the Red List.

Beginning at the end of October, fully vaccinated passengers from countries other than the Red List will be able to replace the current compulsory second day PCR test requirements with cheaper immunochromatography tests. Anyone who tests positive should have a separate, free confirmatory PCR test. It is genomically sequenced to help identify new mutants.

New system until the end of the year

“Today, we have simplified our travel rules to make them easier to understand, open up tourism and reduce the cost of traveling abroad,” said Sajid Javid, Minister of Health of the United Kingdom.

“As global vaccination efforts continue to accelerate and more people get protection from this horrific disease, it’s right for our rules and regulations to keep pace,” he said. ..

The new two-tier system is valid until the end of the year and further reviews are planned for the beginning of the year.

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UK benefits by relaxing rules for travelers vaccinated against Covid-19, India-UK route

Source link UK benefits by relaxing rules for travelers vaccinated against Covid-19, India-UK route

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