Udanpirappe Movie Review: Jyotika-starrer is terribly disappointed

Udan Pilappe

directed by: The times.Saravanan

cast: Jyotika, M. Sasikumar, P. Samuthirakkani, Soori

Jotiker’s 50th movie, Udan Pirappe (brothers), is unfortunately currently on Prime Video, but it doesn’t stand out or offer anything new. Travel the path of countless works. Yes, with the exception of Marathi, Tamil movies are probably the only ones that set the story in the countryside. However, when he was a writer and director. Sarabanan seems to have run out of fresh ideas to pulp the same kind of incidents adjacent to violence and revenge, with caste and class angles thrown in. We have seen it many times. In addition, Sashikumar, Suri, and even Jotica have been typecasted, playing the same type of character over and over again.

Vairavan (Sasikumar), Jyotika’s older brother Maathangi, pays little attention to judicial proceedings and police methods. He organizes and resolves conflicts in his village in his own violent way. In fact, the movie starts with a single battle, but not before the two boys fell into the well. One is drowned and the other is saved by Martangi, who happens to be the son of her brother. The school principal, Martangi’s husband, played by Samty Lak Crab with considerable comfort and nuance, is aware that his son could not be rescued. Maathangi and her brother Vairavan pin each other, creating a rift between the two families. However, the principal is determined that he will have nothing to do with Vilavan and his illegal methods.

The plot is very complex and it takes 137 minutes to reach a very predictable climax. If Sasikumar begins to look tired of claiming the same kind of role, Jyotika is too hard to do justice to Maathangi-and this is almost gorgeous. Suri draws a clever line, but he always has, and they are now very boring. And this movie has always been a sobbing story, and you’ll need some tissue to take a closer look at the work that uses music to create the soulful mood of your estranged brothers.

In Udanpirappe, few avoid the well-beaten roads. Avoidable.

(Gautaman Bhaskaran is a writer, commentator and film critic)

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Udanpirappe Movie Review: Jyotika-starrer is terribly disappointed

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