U.S. presidential election Joe Biden vows to “get labor rights” despite Mr. Trump’s repeated allegations of fraudulent elections

Election officials from both parties have publicly stated that the elections went smoothly, and international observers have confirmed that there are no serious injustices.

Wilmington: U.S. presidential election Joe Biden vows to “get labor rights” despite other Democrats warning that Republican presidential actions are dangerous, and President Donald Trump “takes” the election results I ignored the violent refusal to accept it as “not enough.”

Raising an unsupported allegation of fraudulent elections, Trump withheld federal funding aimed at preventing the president-elect from receiving intelligence briefings and facilitating the transfer of power. Trump’s resistance, backed by senior Republicans in Washington and across the country, could also impede access to background checks and security clearances for future staff, and federal agencies to discuss transition plans.

After some Democrats and former Republican officials warned of serious consequences, Biden addressed a reporter at a temporary transition headquarters near his home in downtown Wilmington on Tuesday in an attempt to cool the country.

Biden described Trump’s position as merely an “embarrassing” mark on the legacy of the retiring president, and predicted that Capitol Hill Republicans would eventually accept the reality of Biden’s victory. Republican resistance “doesn’t change the dynamics of what we can do,” Biden said.

Biden added that the additional intelligence briefing would “help”, but “nothing slows us down.”

Measured comments come as Biden prepares to face a dueling national crisis that actively threatens the health, security and financial security of millions of Americans, regardless of political debate. .. Coronavirus Infectious diseases, hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing, the economy is facing long-term prospects of damage, and national political and cultural disparities may be exacerbating.

Biden is convinced that his modest approach and bipartisan outreach (a sharp reversal from the current presidential style) will help him effectively govern on the first day. But just two months before Biden took office, Trump and his allies seemed determined to make his transition as difficult as possible.

From his Twitter account on Tuesday, Trump again raised an unsupported claim of “massive vote abuse” and predicted that he would eventually win the race he had already lost. His ally on Capitol Hill, led by Senate leader Mitch McConnell, encouraged the president’s unfounded accusations.

Mr. Trump’s tweet was quickly reported by social media networks as an objection to fraudulent elections. There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 elections. In fact, election officials from both parties have publicly stated that the elections went smoothly, and the International Observatory confirmed that there were no serious injustices.

The problems pointed out by the Trump campaign and its allies are typical of all elections. Mailed ballot signatures, secret envelopes, post mark issues, and a small number of ballots can be accidentally thrown or lost. None of these issues will affect the outcome of the election, as Biden leads Trump significantly in the major fierce battle states.

American allies have begun to admit that Trump does not.

French President Emmanuel Macron met with Biden through a video conference. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated Biden’s elections among a total of six world leaders.

“Build better” is a common slogan of Biden and the British government.

Meanwhile, Biden sought to stay focused on healthcare in the midst of the worst health crisis of more than a century.One of Biden’s chiefs Coronavirus Adviser and former surgeon General Vivek Mercy telephoned the Senate Democrats at a weekly virtual lunch on Tuesday.

In an afternoon speech, Biden made a strong defense of affordable care law just hours after the Supreme Court heard a debate about its benefits. The High Court decided eight years ago to leave the essential elements of the law known as “Obamacare” intact, but Trump and his Republican allies are trying to overturn it.

Millions of Americans could lose their health insurance if 6-3 conservative courts finally agree with the Republican Party. Tuesday’s debate shows that courts are unlikely to strike the entire law, but the outlook adds new weight to the already heavy burden that Biden has inherited from his retiring administration.

“It’s a law that saved lives and saved countless families from financial ruin,” Biden accused. He vowed to work with Congress to strengthen medical law “humanly as soon as possible.”

But so far, Capitol Hill Republicans, like the Republicans of the Trump administration, have shown no willingness to cooperate with the Biden administration.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo predicted a smooth transition on Tuesday — to the next four years of Trump’s power. And McConnell strongly supported Trump’s approach: “Anyone running for public office can raise concerns until the Electoral College votes.”

Biden spent most of Tuesday in a theater near his home with Kamala Harris in the Vice Presidential election. He is expected to soon appoint a Chief of Staff and begin considering the appointment of a cabinet, but they will probably not be finalized for weeks.

Republicans are paying more and more attention to the December deadline for public acceptance of election results, giving Trump time and space to do his legal agenda. At that time, the state faces a deadline to prove the results and a deadline of 14 December for the Electoral College to vote.

It’s also about the same time it took to resolve the 2000 election dispute between Republican George W. Bush and Democratic Al Gore.

Biden’s team is calling on the General Procurement Department, led by Trump’s appointed administrator, Emily Murphy, to formally acknowledge Biden’s victory. Until that happens, Biden will not receive a comprehensive security briefing, transfer funds, or the ability to communicate with the institution to initiate coordination of the transfer of power.

“If the Murphy administration refuses to confirm President Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections, the lives of Americans are at stake,” said Don Beyer, the Democratic Party of Virginia, who led the Obama administration’s transition at the Ministry of Commerce. The House of Representatives said. Former Republican officials agreed.

“Our enemies aren’t waiting for the transition to take place,” said former president Mike Rogers, R-Mich, claiming that Biden would soon begin receiving the president’s daily briefing. Said. “This is not about politics. It is about national security.”

Biden, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be worried. He answered a few questions at the first press conference in the presidential election, but almost all focused on the Republican Party’s refusal to acknowledge his victory.

“Frankly, I think it’s embarrassing,” Biden said.

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U.S. presidential election Joe Biden vows to “get labor rights” despite Mr. Trump’s repeated allegations of fraudulent elections

Source link U.S. presidential election Joe Biden vows to “get labor rights” despite Mr. Trump’s repeated allegations of fraudulent elections

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