Typhoon Infa hits the east coast of China, canceling flights and train services

Typhoon Infa struck China’s east coast south of Shanghai on Sunday after airline flights and trains were canceled and civilians were ordered to stay indoors.

The typhoon landed in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, state television reported, citing the National Weather Service. It predicts rainfall of 250-350 mm (10-14 inches).

“People shouldn’t be willing to go outdoors,” the station said.

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The typhoon packed 155 km / h (95 mph) and gusted up to 191 km / h (120 mph) when it rained in Taiwan. It knocked down a tree branch, but no casualties have been reported.

Hundreds of flights were canceled at Shanghai Pudong and Shanghai Hongqiao Airports, and more were scheduled to be canceled on Monday, according to state television. Shanghai has closed the park and the Bund district along the river, a popular tourist destination.

Hangzhou International Airport in southwestern Shanghai also canceled.

After the flight was canceled at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China, buses and passenger planes stopped at the tarmac. (Photo: AP)

According to state television, trains to Ningbo, a port city in southern Shanghai, have been suspended. The Funshan Bridge, which connects the islands near Ningbo, has been closed, and schools, markets and businesses in Zhejiang have also been closed.

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On Saturday, a large container ship was moved from Yangshan Port in Shanghai, one of the busiest shipping centers in the world. State television said the lock on the Nantong vessel, which is adjacent to Shanghai to the north, has stopped the release of the vessel to the Yangtze River.

Meanwhile, in central China, the death toll has risen to 58 after a record rain hit a major city in Zhengzhou on Tuesday, state television reported. The rain flooded the Zhengzhou subway tunnel, killing at least 12 people, depowering hospitals and other buildings, and muddy the streets.

According to Shanghai news agency The Paper, rescuers used bulldozers and inflatable raftes to evacuate residents of areas still underwater.

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Typhoon Infa hits the east coast of China, canceling flights and train services

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