Two years after the massive flames, Notre Dame Cathedral in France is looking a long way for restoration.

On the night of April 15, 2019, France and the world see a fire struck Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, horrified for fear that heritage landmarks will be lost to humanity forever. I did. While the spire collapsed and many of the roofs were destroyed, the efforts of firefighters allowed a great medieval building to survive the night. However, the road to recovery is long and difficult, and it is expected that it will return to its original glory in April 2024, five years after the fire. Investigators have so far rejected the idea of ​​cheating and even focused on short circuits or falling cigarettes as possible explanations, but the cause of the flame remains a subject of uncertainty.

With at least two TV dramas and one feature film in the pipeline around April 15, the night’s drama and the competition to save the 850-year-old building appear to be further engraved in public memory.

Immediately after the fire, it was President Emmanuel Macron who set a five-year recovery goal. This means that you will be able to visit the cathedral again when Paris hosts the 2024 Summer Olympics.

“We plan to return the cathedral for worship in 2024, but there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Jean-Louis, a candid former general, carefully selected by Macron to lead the restoration effort. Georgelin said last month.

The actual repair work has not yet begun. So far, we’ve spent time fixing buildings, including the painstaking task of removing 40,000 fire-calcified scaffolds.

This will end in the summer and we need to be able to begin full repair work early next year.

The purpose is to celebrate the first full service at the restored cathedral on April 15, 2024, despite the delay caused by the lead filtered between the pandemic and the flames.

“Not sure”

The drive is backed by around € 833 million ($ 991 million) raised in national and international donation campaigns launched shortly after the fire, but this alone will push the restoration to the finish line. May be inadequate.

Of that € 70 million ($ 83 million), it comes from abroad, half of which comes from the United States.

Already, about 1,000 specially selected oak trees have dried and rebuilt their spire. This was Macron’s attempt to replace it with a modern touch, but it is now being rebuilt. And the crossing of the transept.

The interior of the cathedral is today marked with a net of scaffolding surrounded by tarpaulins and nets in a hurry for carpenters, rope workers, scaffolders and crane operators.

Together with hundreds of experts seeking to secure and restore the cathedral, investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire, sometimes using ropes to sample high up in the building. ..

This phase is now complete and a one-month process of analyzing all the evidence collected from the site will begin, a source close to the investigation told AFP.

Several shortcomings have been identified in the security of the cathedral, especially the warning system, which means delayed warnings to firefighters, and one electrical system in the elevator.

About 100 witnesses were interviewed in just a two-month period.

However, the accident, probably caused by a short circuit or the disposal of cigarette butts, is probably still explained, but the degree of damage is so great that it is complicated to draw conclusions.

“In the current situation, we can’t say that one day we can determine the cause of the fire,” warned a source who asked not to name it.

‘Happy end’

But even as investigators try to pinpoint what happened on that fateful night, filmmakers are working on a dramatic restructuring of the event.

Streaming giant Netflix is ​​preparing a 6-episode miniseries produced in collaboration with the Paris Fire Brigade. In this miniseries, we will examine the effects of fires on different people throughout France.

A rival English series is also expected, based on a large fire investigation conducted by the New York Times.

French director Jean-Jacques Anault, who produced The Name of the Rose, will also begin making a feature film about the expected disaster in 2022, sprinkling drama in the archived footage.

“The main character is Notre Dame,” he told AFP.

“It’s as if I’m talking about a dying victim, no doctors come … Fortunately, there’s a happy ending.”

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Two years after the massive flames, Notre Dame Cathedral in France is looking a long way for restoration.

Source link Two years after the massive flames, Notre Dame Cathedral in France is looking a long way for restoration.

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