Twitter is fixing this issue in the iPhone app

Twitter has fixed an issue where tweets from iOS users disappeared.

Twitter recently fixed this issue for desktop users, but Android users haven’t.

  • Last updated:November 25, 2021 09:21 IST
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Twitter, a microblogging site, has released a fix for an iOS app issue. In this issue, the app’s tweets disappeared when the user was trying to load. The issue affecting all Twitter users was first fixed on Twitter’s web service on November 15th. Currently, the company is rolling out a fix for iPhone and iPad users that allows them to pause to read tweets while scrolling. According to Twitter, this is because a new reply was added to the conversation on Twitter.

“When you pause scrolling the timeline to see a tweet, you need to leave it there,” Twitter said in a statement. Fixed an issue with tweets disappearing on Android. The fix for iOS and desktop users came about two months after the microblogging platform became aware of the issue.

Twitter has also made other changes to the app. This includes the microblogging platform’s decision to end support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and support for redirecting users to the AMP version of articles on the web has already begun to be phased out.

Twitter recently also announced that it is entering livestream and shopping. The company collaborated with Wal-Mart on the first shopping live stream at 7 pm EST on November 28th. Twitter’s live shopping interface shows a split between video live streams, online catalogs, and tweet feeds, according to images shared by the company.

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Twitter is fixing this issue in the iPhone app

Source link Twitter is fixing this issue in the iPhone app

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