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Twitter Acquires Squad App, a Screen Sharing Video Chat App for Teenage Girls

Twitter announced on Saturday that it has acquired Squad, a video chat app primarily aimed at teenage girls. In addition to live video conversations, Squad specializes in allowing users to share their screens via mobile or desktop apps. Therefore, it brings the use of screen sharing to consumer platforms and breaks restrictions within the enterprise. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but reports indicate that the entire Squad team will join Twitter and take effect soon.In addition, the Squad app has received considerable attention, especially in the first few months. COVID-19 The pandemic has been shut down.

According to a TechCrunch report, Squad co-founder and CEO Esther Crawford will join Twitter to lead “conversational space products.” That said, it’s not yet known if Squad’s core technology will be on Twitter, but given the acquisition, Twitter has code, collected analytics, and Squad’s employee know-how. May hold and build the product. Similar terminology itself. At this time, there is no confirmation of what the product Crawford is working on.

Crawford issued a rally statement in a post about Medium after announcing the shutdown of the Squad app from Sunday, December 13th, giving investors “Women and people because we make money for you.” I urged you to support it. The squad reportedly saw meteorite growth of over 1000 percent in the first few months. COVID-19 Still, to some extent, a pandemic that holds the world hostage and keeps people home. Since its inception, Squad has raised $ 7.2 million in funding from many investment firms.

In the years of its existence, Twitter has refused to grow into something like Facebook because it focuses only on the core Twitter apps. The social media platform has so far shut down Vine, a short video service that can cause sensation. Instead, Chinese startup Bytedancec has taken over TikTok. This is a fast growing app. As a result of this record, we cannot be sure that the Squad shutdown will be linked to the launch of a new conversation app at any time in the future.

Twitter Acquires Squad App, a Screen Sharing Video Chat App for Teenage Girls

Source link Twitter Acquires Squad App, a Screen Sharing Video Chat App for Teenage Girls

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