Twitch launches a tool to catch channel ban evaders Inc’s livestreaming site, Twitch, said Tuesday that it has launched a tool to detect users trying to access banned channels.

A new tool called Suspicious User Detection can flag “probable” or “potential” channel ban avoiders and determine whether the creators and moderators of those channels take action. will do so.

Twitch is under pressure from users to combat abuse on the site, including targeted harassment and so-called hatred attacks flooded with harassment messages in streamer chats.

A popular platform for video gamers said it launched the tool in response to user feedback on the need for ways to improve the fight against ban evaders.

Alison Huffman, director of community health products at Twitch, said in an interview: “”

According to Huffman, the machine learning tools that Twitch has been working on for months detect the behavior and account characteristics of certain types of users and flag potential ban evaders.

The tool is on by default on all channels, but you can adjust or deactivate it, Twitch said. It also states that you can manually add users to the tool that you want to monitor more closely.

In September, Twitch added a new anti-harassment measure that requires creators and moderators to request confirmation by phone and email before sending a chat message. That month, it also filed a complaint in US federal court against two alleged assailants of hatred.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it would ban users for serious fraud that occurred away from the platform.

Machine learning, which is part of artificial intelligence, is the study of computer algorithms that can be automatically improved by using experience and data.

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Twitch launches a tool to catch channel ban evaders

Source link Twitch launches a tool to catch channel ban evaders

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