Trump Condemns Afghanistan’s Withdrawal on 9/11 Anniversary

Former U.S. President Donald Trump used the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in a video message on Saturday to blame Joe Biden’s “incompetent regime” for his “incompetence” against Afghanistan’s withdrawal. ..

“Today is a very sad day,” Trump said in a message, adding that September 11 “represents great sadness for our country.”

“It’s also a sad time for the way our war ended last week against those who did such harm to our country,” he continued.

Trump mentioned the end of the US war in Afghanistan, which began following an al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Al-Qaeda has fled to Taliban-owned Afghanistan, and the US invasion overthrew the Islamic regime to find group leaders.

However, the Taliban quickly rebelled and regained power as the United States withdrew all troops last month after a 20-year war in which Afghan civilians paid a fortune.

“The leaders of our country looked like fools, and it is never allowed to happen,” he said.

He accused “bad plans, incredible weaknesses, and leaders who didn’t really understand what was happening.”

Trump also said that a bomb exploded in Kabul during an enthusiastic evacuation from Afghanistan last month, killing 13 U.S. forces and billions of dollars left behind by the Taliban “without firing.” Lamented military equipment.

“Joe Biden and his incompetent regime surrendered in defeat,” Trump continued.

“We have a hard time recovering from the confusion caused by this incompetence.”

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Trump Condemns Afghanistan’s Withdrawal on 9/11 Anniversary

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