Truck Series Driver Beef on Respect at the Phoenix Finale

Phoenix: Matt Crafton has an 8-year-old daughter sitting on her lap and has no problem teaching her how to race with respect for the inside and outside of the race etiquette when starting her karting career. I said that.

The 45-year-old Craftons’ parenting skills don’t necessarily extend to the NASCAR Track Series garage.

I’m not going to come here to be their dad and tell them what they did right and wrong, Krafton said.

The track championship harbor was at stake, tension and temperament increased at the Martinsville Speedway last week, and respect was a hot topic for the race.

Sheldon Creed lost the chance to defend the Series Championship and spoke with Krafton, accusing him of racing without respect on the closing lap. John Hunter Nemechek almost lost his position on the field when Austin Wayne Self kicked him out of the race. And yes, its respect or perceived lack was at the tip of Nemechex’s tongue.

Krafton believed that a cooler head would win the track championship at the Phoenix Raceway on Friday. Championship 4 Crafton, Nemechek, Ben Rhodes, Zane Smith. The first of the four candidates to finish was the 2021 champion.

Smith said in a bigger fight for his racing career, there was plenty of room on the track for competitors to get their space.

According to Smith, it’s always the roughest person to complain about how rough we are. So there are veterans in this sport who like to draw cards that pay respect because they are veterans. I don’t know because there are new people here, please vacate the room.

Series leader Nemechek, who won five wins, was able to enter the field by finishing at 39th place at the pace of a Kyle Busch motorsport carrier on the final lap of Martinsville.

He said it was a helpless fee to sit on the sidelines and do nothing about your position.

Unlike Crafton, Nemechek was concerned that undisciplined driving could affect results.

You don’t know how others will race, he said Thursday. Whether the playoff man or non-playoff man. It goes back to everyone’s preaching for quite some time. That respect is above all. I was that young man who came in at some point and knew nothing better than just going out there and racing as hard as everyone else. I think that will be the case when we race tomorrow.

Nemechek has taken an unconventional path to the competition in the truck series. Nemechek had only three top 10 finishes in last year’s cup and was out of his ride at the end of the season. Rather than joining a team that couldn’t win the race, he stopped by to drive a Kyle Busch truck to prove he was competitive. Nemechek made the most of his move and was a point leader for most of the season.

Like Nemechek a year ago, 22-year-old Smith faces a cloudy future.

Smith is trying to focus on winning the championship he missed when he finished second in Phoenix last season. His GMS racing team will move to the Cup series next year. Smith said he asked his representative not to discuss potential vehicles for next season until the end of Sunday.

He said victory and championship would make it happen. This is my life. I have no family. There is nothing you can count on. You accomplish it, you don’t, or you fail.

Smith just looks back at last week’s race in Martinsville as an example of turning the unlikely into an opportunity. He was the last in Martinsville’s eight-driver field and had to win to win the spot at the Friday Winner-Take-All Finale.

Smith meandered across the line to win, from scrambling to finishing with the checkered flag.

According to the numbers in Phoenix, the championship is really available.

Nemechek was second in seven career starts, Rhodes was fourth in six starts, Krafton was second in 20 starts and Smith was second in the 2020 championship race.

Only one person holds the trophy over his head.

Others, well, they will find something that moans in defeat.

According to Smith, everyone was whining.


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Truck Series Driver Beef on Respect at the Phoenix Finale

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