Toyota’s Chief Scientist believes EVs aren’t for everyone

Toyota’s reluctance to EV is also due to its investment in fuel cell hydrogen drivetrains.

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Toyota BZ4Z will be the first full EV by Japanese giant

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Toyota is one of the few major automakers showing a warlike attitude towards EVs. It was the last one to announce a serious investment in what many believe is the future of momentum. CEO Akio Toyoda has also made frequent remarks about EVs, and now Chief Scientist Gil Pratt has also come up saying that he is not very attached to electric vehicles.

“(Toyota) believes in drivetrain diversity. You can’t predict which solution is best or just say it works,” he said at the Reuters conference.

This isn’t surprising, as Toyota recently announced plans to invest $ 13.5 billion in battery technology, but in the scheme of things, this is unbelievable, especially when compared to what the Volkswagen Group is investing in. It’s a modest investment of $ 90 billion. Toyota’s resistance also came from its investment in fuel cell-powered hydrogen vehicles and was a pioneer in space.


Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai sets Guinness World Records

Toyota currently has a second generation Mirai, but for many, hydrogen may not be a viable alternative to fossil fuels and internal combustion engines due to infrastructure costs and infrastructure adoption. I think. Tesla’s Elon Musk has been dubbed hydrogen many times as a dam solution.

But while this is happening, Japanese majors are also investing in the first EVs that are currently at the conceptual level-called the BZ4X concept.

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Toyota is also facing investor pressure that has caused a recent overture to EVs, but obviously it’s not entirely advanced. In fact, Akio Toyoda warns that a lot of Japanese work could be lost if the transition to electric drivetrains accelerates.

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Toyota’s Chief Scientist believes EVs aren’t for everyone

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