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Football is the most popular kind of sports in Belarus. Every single football match gathers a huge viewership in the country. All football games and tournaments are supervised by the official governing body called the Football Federation of Belarus. It has been operating since the year 1989. The current president of the Federation is Uladzimir Bazanaw who was appointed in 2019. The country also has its own national football team nicknamed The White Wings. The head coach of the team is Georgi Kondratiev and its home stadium is Dinamo Stadium situated in the capital city of Belarus Minsk.

Over the time of its existence, the national team of Belarus has never qualified for the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. The highest division of football in Belarus is the Belarusian Premier League. In this article, you will discover all the crucial information about this prestigious event as well as betting tips and Belarus premier league predictions on the current season of this tournament. By the way, if you would like to find out the  betting tips for tomorrow’s sports matches in other countries such as India, for example, then you should visit  Takebet India.

Belarus premier league Season Preview

The 2022 Belarusian Premier League is the thirty-second season of this competition which started on March 18, 2022, and will last until November 19, 2022. In this section, you will discover a detailed preview of the current season of this event.

How is Belarusian football run? What is the Belarusian premier league?

The Belarusian Premier League is a competition that was founded in 1992 and is run by the Football Federation. There are two domestic competitions organised that are called Belarusian Cup and Belarusian Super Cup. During the season, each team plays another one twice. Those two teams who will acquire the lowest number of points will be dismissed to an inferior football division called Belarusian First League. Overall, there will be 240 matches played in the season of the tournament 12 of which have already taken place.

The number of teams that participate in this tournament is sixteen. Here are the names of teams that play in the Premier League:

  1. Vitebsk – manager Yevgeniy Chernukhin (Vitebsk)
  2. Torpedo-BelAZ – manager Dmitry Molosh (Zhodino)
  3. Slutsk – head coach Alexander Brazevich (Slutsk)
  4. Slavia – manager Mihail Martsinovich (Mozyr)
  5. Shakhtyor – manager Ivan Bionchik (Soligorsk)
  6. Neman – manager Igor Kovalevich (Grodno)
  7. FC Minsk – manager Vadim Skripchenko (Minsk)
  8. Isloch – head coach Artsyom Radzkow (Minsk Raion)
  9. Gomel – manager Uladzimir Niavinski (Gomel)
  10. Energetic-BGU – manager Pavel Radnyonak (Minsk)
  11. Dnepr – manager Yevgeniy Molchan (Mogilev)
  12. Dinamo Minsk – manager Artsyom Chelyadzinski (Minsk)
  13. Dinamo Brest – manager Sergey Kovalchuk (Brest)
  14. Belshina – manager Albert Rybak (Bobruisk)
  15. BATE – head coach Aleksandr Mikhaylov (Borisov)
  16. Arsenal – manager Pavel Kirylchyk (Dzerzhinsk)

Top Teams and Key Players in Belarus premier league

When it comes to the team which has won the most titles in the championship it is BATE Borisov (15 titles). However, the current champion is Shakhtyor Soligorsk who has already won two titles in the tournament.

As far as the current statistics is considered, FC BATE has the first position in the table with 6 points. The team has played two matches in the season and won them having scored six goals. The second team in the ranking is FC Neman with 4 points. The team has also played two games and won one of them while the other match ended in a draw. Overall, Neman has scored two goals.

FC Dinamo Minsk occupies the third position in the table with 4 points. The team has played two matches in the current season and won only one. The second match ended in a draw. Dinamo Minsk has scored two goals and conceded one goal.

The fourth position in the ranking belongs to FK Slutsk. The team has four points and the same results in two matches as Dinamo Minsk: one victory, one draw, two scored goals and one conceded goal. Energetic-BGU takes the fifth position in the table with 3 points. The team has played one game and won it having scored three goals and conceded one goal.

Below you will uncover the key players in the last seasons of the Belarus Premier League:

  • Season 2015: Mikalay Yanush (Shakhtyor Soligorsk) – 15 goals;
  • Season 2016: Vitali Rodionov (BATE Borisov) – 16 goals; Mikhail Gordeichuk (BATE Borisov) – 16 goals;
  • Season 2017: Mikhail Gordeichuk (BATE Borisov) – 18 goals;
  • Season 2018: Pavel Savitski (Dinamo Brest) – 15 goals;
  • Season 2019: Ilya Shkurin (Energetik-BGU Minsk) – 19 goals;
  • Season 2020: Maksim Skavysh (BATE Borisov) – 19 goals.

Where to find betting odds for the Belarusian premier league?

If you are willing to check the betting odds for the upcoming matches of the tournament, then you should open the official web page of your bookmaker. Then you need to look up this competition and pick the particular football game that interests you. After that, you will be able to check the odds that the sportsbook proposes for this specific football event.

Top tips and predictions for the Belarusian premier league

This section is devoted to forecasts for the 2022 season of this tournament. We will provide you with precise betting tips and picks for diverse areas which will help you to make correct bets on the following matches.

Best Defending Teams

Here are those teams displayed that have conceded the fewest number of goals over the current season of the Belarusian premier league:

  • BATE Borisov – 0 goals;
  • Neman Grodno – 0 goals;
  • Dnepr Mogilev – 0 goals;
  • Energetik-BGU Minsk – 1 goal;
  • Dinamo Minsk – 1 goal.

Worst Defending Teams

Below mentioned teams have conceded the biggest number of goals over the games played:

  • Isloch Minsk Raion – 4 goals;
  • Slavia Mozyr – 3 goals;
  • Belshina Bobruisk – 3 goals;
  • Arsenal Dzerzhinsk – 3 goal;
  • Vitebsk – 3 goals.

Best Attacking Teams

Below you will find those teams who have kicked the biggest number of goals in the ongoing tournament:

  • BATE Borisov – 6 goals;
  • Energetik-BGU Minsk – 3 goals;
  • Dinamo Brest – 3 goals;
  • Isloch Minsk Raion – 3 goals;
  • Neman Grodno – 2 goals.

Worst Attacking Teams

Below there are the worst attacking teams presented which have scored the smaller number of points:

  • Slavia Mozyr – 0 goals;
  • Belshina Bobruisk – 0 goals;
  • FC Minsk – 0 goals;
  • Torpedo-BelAZ – 0 goals;
  • Dnepr Mogilev – 0 goals;

Top Scorers

  • Dmitriy Bessmertny – 2 goals;
  • Bobur Abdukhalikov – 2 goals;
  • Artem Kiyko – 2 goals;
  • German Barkovskiy – 2 goals;
  • Maksim Kolmakov – 1 goals.

Top assists

The statistical data concerning the top assist in the current season has not been created yet.

How to bet on Belarus premier league picks?

If you would like to place bets on the picks regarding the Belarus Premier League, you should study all the tips and football predictions from professional tipsters that we provide. It will help you to study the results of the recent matches in order to understand what teams are regarded as favourites. Then you should visit the website of the bookmaker, pick the kind of punt you would like to make and submit it.

What are the best betting markets for Belarus premier league

Like any other significant football tournament, Belarus Premier League offers a wide range of betting markets for punters to choose from. Therefore, they may place match winner bets, totals, over/under and correct score punts, etc.


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