This game serves as the stepping stone for the beginners in the game of cards

5 cards poker or five-card draw is the original and in fact the oldest variant of poker. It is the simplest among all versions of poker. Although it is rarely played in casinos or tournaments (because of its simplicity), it is usually played at home because of its simple setup. So anyone having a little interest in poker can enjoy this game with his friends and families. It is easily available on a lot of online poker sites.

In this article we will discuss the basic rules of the game and why beginners should learn this game before they play any other card games.

How 5 Poker Cards is Played

The number of players playing this game at a time varies from two to six. To play you will need a standard 52 card deck and something to make bets with, such as poker chips.  Before the cards are distributed, each player has to add an Ante to the pot. Before the play begins the ante amount is determined. Each player is given five cards, one card at a time. The objective of the game is to win chips. Chips are won by the only player who did not fold or by having the highest-ranking poker hand among the players who did not fold at the end of the hand. The poker hands are ranked with best being a straight flush which is five cards in sequence in the same suit →  four of a kind → full house i.e three of a kind with a pair → a flush i.e, five cards in same suit → a straight i.e, five cards in sequence → three of a kind →  two pair →  a pair → high card.

The player to the left of the dealer is first to make a bet or can check. When the first round of betting is over, all remaining players can discard unwanted cards from their hands. The dealer shuffles the deck. He then deals each player the number of cards they have discarded.

This game serves as the stepping stone for the beginners in the game of cards

The rules of Poker might seem complicated at first but soon a player gets the hang of it.

Some Rules of the Game

  1. If players have equally ranked poker hands then the middle pot is split.
  2. The ace can be your highest card in the straight. It can also be the lowest in the straight.
  3. The next player gets to deal when every player checks in the first round. Another ante is to be added by each player.
  4. A player can at most discard three cards when six players are involved.

5 cards poker as the stepping stone for Beginners

  1. Poker professionals suggest that it’s a great way to introduce a newcomer to the game of poker. The chief reason being 5 card poker as the simplest of all variants of poker. Five-card poker is so easy that even a clueless beginner can learn it within an hour. So beginners should start out slow with this game.
  2. 5 cards poker is originally the oldest variant of poker. It remained popular for centuries until the Texas hold’em was discovered. It is believed that all other variants of poker which we play in this modern age, are derived from 5 cards poker. So 5 cards poker undoubtedly forms the basis for all other card games.
  3. As mentioned earlier, 5 cards poker is very easy to learn, but note that the rules of all other card games in poker are almost the same as of five cards poker. If you can understand the rules and strategies of this game, you would require very little time to understand the gameplay of other card games. So rather than jumping into some complex form of poker and getting confused, it is well advised to learn all the rules and strategies of poker via the simplest form of the game that is 5 cards of poker. And once you master this game, you will be prepared to move on to more challenging variations.
  4. If you start with some complex variety of poker and you have very little experience in it and also if you’re unfortunate enough to have professional opponents, you are surely going to lose big. Your confidence will be destroyed in seconds and it’s unlikely for you to play the game again. Thus it is recommended to start with 5 card poker and earn confidence to take your game to the next level.
  5. Although five card poker is not so famous nowadays in casinos or tournaments, you can still find online websites of poker where you can practice and start your line on poker. In fact, five card poker forms the basis of video poker which is indeed a boon for clueless beginners.

Although it takes less than an hour to learn 5 cards poker, a lot of practice is required to master it. The best way is to practice online since it doesn’t require real money, so that every time you lose you don’t really lose anything. Rather you learn from your mistakes.

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