Thieves are currently using Apple AirTags to steal luxury cars

Apple AirTag helps you keep track of your keys and valuables in case you lose them. Bluetooth enabled devices can be used as a keychain. Alternatively, users can push these belongings into their wallet to find them in case of misplacement or theft through Apple’s Find My app. Currently, the York District Police Automobile / Freight Department in Canada has issued a notice warning about new methods used by car thieves to steal “luxury cars” via Apple AirTags. Police departments claim that AirTags are hidden almost everywhere in the car because of their small size.

According to a notice issued earlier this month, five cases were reported in the York area where a suspect placed a small tracking device in a luxury car and stole it. The notice states that the “brand name” AirTags “will be placed invisible to the target vehicle when parked in public places such as malls and parking lots. The thief then tracks the target vehicle to the victim’s residence, where it is stolen from the driveway. “

Thieves are usually said to use tools such as screwdrivers to get into the car through the driver’s or passenger’s door. This does not sound an alarm, so the thief appears to be familiar with automotive technology. The notification said, “Once inside, the electronics normally used by mechanics to reprogram factory settings are connected to the on-board diagnostic port under the dashboard to accept the keys brought by the thief. Program the vehicle to. When a new key is programmed, the vehicle will start and the thief will drive it away. “

The York District Police car / cargo theft unit claims that the department is wary of car theft, but thieves are constantly developing new ways to facilitate the theft. This notice highlights the solution to avoid car theft through Apple AirTag. Most cars are stolen from the driveway, so the department advises users to park their cars in the garage. We also recommend using a handle lock or installing a security camera with an alarm system. The agency states that users need to “drive their vehicles on a regular basis and call the police if they become aware of suspicious potential tracking devices.”

(Image: York Regional Police)

Apple hasn’t addressed these incidents yet, and the company has added some features to prevent stalking through AirTag. AirTag includes a stalker prevention feature that prevents this from happening because it notifies iPhone users when an unknown AirTag is around. But again, not all luxury car owners own an iPhone. If not, you may be ignoring notifications from the Apple Find My app. You may also need to improve your stalking protection.

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Thieves are currently using Apple AirTags to steal luxury cars

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