These hacks help to drop kilos in the winter

Laziness is synonymous with the winter season. In the colder months, people prefer to lie in bed under warm sheets to minimize physical activity. On the one hand, the level of our physical activity declines, and on the other hand, people tend to eat more often, which poses a challenge for those who are trying to stay healthy or shed kilograms. But we have some tricks with rolled up sleeves. It bends the winter season in your favor. In other words, you can lose a few kilometers by becoming a lazy self.

The hack is:

When and what to eat

In winter, to keep the body warm, cold temperatures increase our daily calorie requirements, so we eat more. The key to getting a good grasp of your diet is to break the chains, eat on time, and fill your plate with healthy, fiber-rich foods. This is because fiber keeps the stomach full longer and further prevents the thirst for unhealthy foods.

Distribute calories throughout the day

Eat large meals three times and choose small meals instead of starving between meals. This will not only keep you full for a longer period of time, but will also reduce your junk food intake. Please do not skip the meal. Eat moderately and put protein, whole grains, and colorful fibers on the plate. A small meal 5 times a day is sufficient. A heavy breakfast, a proper lunch, and a light supper include two light meals in the form of a bowl of fruit or salad.

Insulate your body

Cold mornings and evenings can pose a health risk if people are not properly dressed. It is recommended to stack them to keep your body warm. If your body temperature rises during your workout, remove the outer layer. Once you start exercising your cool-down, put those layers back and keep them warm. Remember to wear a warm hat, headband, and even a training scarf, as the heat of your body escapes from your head and neck.

Drink lukewarm water

Regardless of the season, a balanced diet and training are essential for losing weight. However, we often overlook the role of water, and the problem becomes even more serious during the winter season. It’s cold so I don’t feel thirsty and I get dehydrated. Dehydration can further increase hunger and reduce the body’s ability to burn fat.

It is wise to switch to lukewarm water in winter. Drinking lukewarm water has several advantages. By breaking down fat deposits, it stimulates blood circulation in the body and helps maintain body temperature. Warm water is a good option to reduce your tea and coffee intake.

Shiver for a while

If the weather is nice, take a walk outside in the afternoon or evening, before sunset. Studies show that a 10-15 minute tremor burns as much calories as an hour of moderate exercise.

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These hacks help to drop kilos in the winter

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