There will never be someone like Ashwin on my T20 team: Sanjay Manjrekar | Cricket News

New Delhi: Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has spent a lot of time on Indian off-spinners, making a bold statement about R Ashwin’s usual performance in the shortest form of the game over the last few years. And said he wouldn’t have anyone like him on his T20 team.
Delhi Capitals off-spinner Ashwin ended the substandard IPL2021 campaign on Wednesday after his team was sent off after losing to the Kolkata Knight Riders. He sent off Shakib Al Hasan and Sunil Narine one after another, hitting the penultimate ball against Raffle Tripasi 6 off and conceding the match.
This season, Ashwin won only 7 wickets in 13 games and the best of 2/27 in the season. Tamil Nadu Spinner has been recalled to India for the T20 World Cup, but Manjurekar feels that “T20 bowler Ashwin is not a big force for any team.”
“We talked too much about Ashwin. The T20 bowler Ashwin isn’t a big force for any team. If you want to change Ashwin, he’s been like this, so I don’t think it will be. . Last 5-7 years. I understand he lives in Ashwinn with a great test match. It was hard for him to never play a test match in the UK. But IPL And spent a lot of time on Ashwin on the T20 cricket. “Manjrekar was reportedly saying on ESPNCricinfo.
“I think he’s shown that he’s been bowling exactly the same in the last five years. I think there are people like Varun Chakravarthy, Sunil Narine, Yuzvendra Chahal on different pitches, so Ashwin’s on the team No one would be like. They get you a ticket gate, how they do their job, “he added.
“Wise bowler, miscalculation”
Meanwhile, the legendary Sunil Gavaskull after the match on Wednesday also explained where Ashwin made a mistake in the final.
“He (Ashwin) is a very smart bowler. He knew exactly what to bowl to which batter. He was reading the batter’s mind. He was when Sunil Narine came. He was just a little wider because he knew, and he was caught by a fielder for a long time. ”
“On the last ball, he made a mistake. He thought Tripasi would run down the pitch, but he didn’t. He bowled a little flat so he was prepared to get off the pitch in a hurry. But what Tripasi did was what he expected, and he hit a great shot and a great finishing method, “he added.
The depression in Ashwin’s form casts doubt on his choice with the upcoming T20 World Cup Indian team when he returns home at T20 three years later. It will be interesting to see if he gets a place to play XI.

There will never be someone like Ashwin on my T20 team: Sanjay Manjrekar | Cricket News

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