There is no problem with our method in the first ODI: Eoin Morgan

Although not as expected, England skipper Eoin Morgan’s approach to India in the ongoing ODI series, despite the risk of losing first place to Virat Kohli’s men. There is no problem with.

In a battle between the world’s top two sides, world champion England chased 318 on Tuesday, 135 without losing within 15 overs, but collapsed to 251 and took them home without a big one. Strokes that couldn’t build a partnership.

“I think the way we did business today is the right message we play and it has worked for the last five years,” Morgan said in a post-match press conference.

Bowling collective efforts lead India’s counterattack at series openers against England

“It’s clearly really encouraging behind the bowling performance at the two openers. Their way of playing and control of the game is very positive,” he added.

Currently, they are facing a win on Friday’s second ODI, but a clean sweep by India means that Morgan-led world champions will lose first place.

“We don’t strictly adhere to it … we don’t really adhere to it at all. That’s not what we’re talking about in the changing room,” Morgan said.

“Everything is built for the plan, we are competitive in the World Cup and we are trying to improve our skills over that period.”

Asked about losing the top ranking, which has occupied most of the three years, Morgan said, “It’s not about solidifying the number one position.”

“It’s about building a group of players who want to bring something of quality to the World Cup. When talking about motivation and determination, it’s closely related.”

Johnny Bainesu scored England’s top score at 94, and opening partner Jason Roy scored 46 before competing the new-looking Indian bowling bundled over 42.1.

“We really think it’s dangerous to play the way we did business, especially in most of today’s games,” he said.

“If we played really well and were in the top position, we would soon have chased the total. But that wasn’t what we intended … India is on the top side to win. Yes, and most of the time, it’s one of the best sides in the world. “

After being sent and India’s opening round Shikhar Dhawan (98) and skipper Kori (56) set the platform, Krunal Pandia (58 did not play) made his debut with KL Rahul (62 did not play). ) Has lifted India by adding 111 out of 112 runs in the last 9 overs.

“I can’t blame everyone today. I thought they were great, they did exactly as expected at the ticket gates. Even before the game, I thought it was 380. T … the wickets were great, it offered a little to Seamer, and it was beautiful if you managed to get in. “

“After the opening round of the two, we don’t see any areas we would like to build in partnership.

“So again, in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimprovement, we are looking at it and trying to build partnerships, but I don’t anticipate any major changes,” Morgan concludes.

There is no problem with our method in the first ODI: Eoin Morgan

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