There are better options for investing than Ulips

I’m a 47 year old working woman and most of my investment goes to the safe zone.I will invest 35,000 every month.I have just started investing Bajaj Allianz Future Gain for a 20-year lock-in period of 9,000 per month. I am interested in exploring short-term investments of 3 to 5, 10 and 15 years to extend the time period and diversify risk. What is the best portfolio in this case?

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Until recently, you have only invested in bond options. You are now ready to invest in market-linked investment products in the form of Ulip. This is a positive step.

However, there are better ways to handle your investment in the market. You can start a simple SIP with a portfolio that has two funds. Low-cost index funds such as the UTI Nifty Index Fund and hybrid funds such as the SBI Equity Hybrid Fund. This allows you to efficiently manage liquidity management and long-term investments with enhanced options (intermediate withdrawals in shorter timeframes).

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There are better options for investing than Ulips

Source link There are better options for investing than Ulips

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