The United States is blocking the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, says Pakistan’s aide

According to media reports, the head of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) authorities has accused the United States of interfering with the multi-billion dollar project that is Pakistan’s economic lifeline.

The ambitious CPEC was launched in 2015 when China’s President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan.

It aims to connect the port of Gwadar in western China and southwestern Pakistan through a network of road, rail and other infrastructure and development projects.

One thing is clear from the perspective of the new geostrategic situation. The United States, backed by India, is unrealistic for CPEC. It won’t succeed. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special aide on CPEC issues, Khalid Mansour, took a position here when speaking at the CPEC Summit at the Karachi Institute of Management on Saturday. He said he had to.

Islamabad is the seventh largest recipient of China’s overseas development loans, and 71 projects worth US $ 27.3 billion are currently underway as part of the CPEC.

Many western think tanks and commentators have called CPEC an economic trap, and public debt levels have already risen, disproportionately increasing China’s influence on Pakistan’s economy, Dawn reports. Says.

The United States and India continue to attempt to steer Pakistan from China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a global infrastructure development program in which the Chinese government has invested heavily in about 70 countries. He said he was.

There is no way Pakistan can give up its benefits. He said he had burned his fingers many times in the (Western) alliance in the past, adding that attempts to weaken China’s strategic influence in the region would fail. Mr Mansour said Western nations see CPEC as a symbol of China’s political ambitions.

Mansour said CPEC is seen as suspicious by both the United States and Europe because it sees CEPC as a move for China to expand its political, strategic and business influence. China said it was able to significantly alleviate that concern. ..

He reasoned that the United States is currently considering the economic and political implications of withdrawal from the region.

We had a detailed discussion with the people at the US Embassy. He said CPEC could also be used. They also expressed their desire to develop some involvement and see how it would benefit both countries, he said.

Mr Mansour said Islamabad is seeking to expand CPEC to Afghanistan and has discussed the possibility of Taliban-led Afghanistan joining the multi-billion dollar economic corridor.

He said he was deeply interested in developing economic ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan and with other neighboring countries, including Iran.

Some European countries are beginning to show interest (in CPEC). He said their ambassadors are continuing to come.

He referred to fake news and negative publicity about the feasibility of CPEC and the pace of its progress.

In that range, CPEC Phase II is orders of magnitude larger than Phase I.

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The United States is blocking the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, says Pakistan’s aide

Source link The United States is blocking the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, says Pakistan’s aide

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