The Taliban wants to help Afghan fleeing to Turkey return home, Turkish ministers say

Turkey’s foreign minister said he would do everything he could to support Turkey’s Afghan immigrants after the meeting in Ankara, adding that both sides had discussed ways to prevent another “wave of migrants.”

Turkey accepts about 4 million migrants, primarily Syrians, and is under new pressure after the August takeover of Afghanistan by the Islamic Taliban caused a major escape. It says it won’t tolerate fresh waves.

The Taliban were banished to US-led troops after controlling Afghanistan with iron hands from 1996 to 2001.

Turkey, a NATO member, urged Kabul to maintain its embassy and increase its involvement after the withdrawal of Western nations following the collapse of the US-backed Afghan government.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mebrut Chabsogur, who said he would visit Kabul earlier, discussed migration, humanitarian aid, economics and other issues with a delegation led by Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki.

“We reminded them that they need to be inclusive for national unity,” Kabsoguru told the Turkish state media. “They communicated to us their demand for continued assistance and investment there.

“We have a certain number of irregular or regular Afghan migrants. Some of them want to return to Afghanistan. The Taliban leadership … they can do it to return home. He said he would provide as much support as possible, but also talked about what we could do to prevent another wave of immigrants. “

Mr Kabsoguru also said he had given Turkey’s recommendations on including women in the workforce and educating girls.

On Monday, Muttaqi appealed to the world for good relations, but avoided making a firm commitment to girls’ education, despite the international demand to allow all Afghan children to return to school. I did.

The new administration has received constant criticism of its approach to girls’ education, which is seen as one of the limited number of obvious positive benefits from Western involvement in Afghanistan.

Taliban officials say they will not repeat the strict rules of the Taliban government before it fell in 2001. It banned most girls’ education and banned women from going public without a male guardian.

Turkey, which abandoned its Kabul airport operation plan because it did not agree on safety measures with the Taliban, is operating the airport in cooperation with Qatar and is resuming overseas travel.

Mr. Kabsoguru said he had communicated the security “expectations” of Turkey and the international community at the airport, and added that he had also discussed counterterrorism measures.

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The Taliban wants to help Afghan fleeing to Turkey return home, Turkish ministers say

Source link The Taliban wants to help Afghan fleeing to Turkey return home, Turkish ministers say

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