The sprinkler hasn’t been fixed, but is it a defective dish design?

Starlink satellite broadband suffers from overheating problems for some users and seems to be temporarily shutting down internet services until things get cold. This happens when the Starlink broadband service is currently in beta testing with approximately 10,000 users. Users in some parts of the United States and states where the daytime temperatures are hot have complained about social media platforms, including Reddit. The first understanding of this problem is that satellite dishes are listening to satellite dishes that are installed outdoors in direct line of sight in the sky. Starlink hasn’t issued a statement yet, but some social media geniuses suggest that affected users install sprinklers and mini-fountains to keep their satellite dish hardware cool. doing.

Reddit has a thread that is very interesting to read. The thread starts when user u / Society Tomorrow shares a screenshot of the Starlink app on their mobile phone. This screenshot shows that the internet connection is offline due to a “thermal shutdown”. The error screen will display “Overheat” and Starlink will reconnect after cooling. He is not the only one. Another user, w7rh, wrote: My Starlink is located 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon. It is also off and on. It stopped today one hour after the cool-down period, but ended again by 12:30. The last reported temperature at my meteorological station was 103 degrees Celsius. Later in the thread, u / SocietyTomorrow says he uses a water sprinkler to cool the dishes. This is often referred to as the Dishy McFlatface, and Internet services have been reopened. “Well, this is about the stupidest thing that actually worked. I pointed the spike down sprinkler at Dishy. When I turned it on, I heard YouTube play resume immediately,” he says. ..

This started the whole series of suggestions from users who suggested installing a small mist-spraying dish and a small contained fountain, radiator and fan behind Mr. The satellite antennas are struck by meteorological factors such as rain and get soaked because they are installed outdoors, but Starlink’s warranty is to spray water on the dishes (and accidentally incidental power supplies) on a regular basis. I don’t know what it means about. If you cool it and something goes wrong. Starlink has also been reported to indicate to users that satellite broadband services may shut down when temperatures exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit (about 50 degrees Celsius). Still, these users are complaining about internet issues with temperatures between 112 and 119 degrees Fahrenheit. For certain instances of users reporting these heating issues, it’s clear whether they’re a particular hardware issue, or whether the SpaceX Starlink dish design doesn’t take into account sufficient heat dissipation. Instead, the problem can be amplified in certain situations.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink satellite broadband service is currently available to beta test users for $ 99 per month and an initial cost of a satellite dish, tripod and Wi-Fi router for $ 499. Starlink is already accepting pre-orders for services that will be available in India later next year. The refundable deposit fee is $ 99, which is a little over 7,000 rupees, depending on the currency conversion rate. According to Starlink, the $ 99 deposit will always be fully refunded, but you will lose your preferred service access position. Starlink hardware kits are expected to be a limited supply of Starlink satellite broadband launches in India, at least for the first few months. If you really need satellite internet, you need to book a spot on the line. It is not yet known if there will be any changes to India’s rate plans.

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The sprinkler hasn’t been fixed, but is it a defective dish design?

Source link The sprinkler hasn’t been fixed, but is it a defective dish design?

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