“The shooting experience is not the same”

I’ve seen Megner Arkash in romantic comedies and action movies. But the actress said that her next movie Dear MegaShow off her emotional side.

“For the first time, I’ll be seen in a completely romantic movie. It’s full of emotions and dramas,” says the actress about director Sushant Reddy. She reveals that the film, which also starred Arjun Somayajula and Adit Arun, has an interesting twist.

Mega was one of the first actresses to start filming after two closures. “I shot the ad after the first blockage was eased, and after the second blockage, I shot Tamil and Telugu films,” she explained, both of which were a bit tense. “But throughout the shoot, we’ve followed all the Covid-19 protocols,” she said, adding that the new regular shoot is a bit difficult.

“Since we started shooting after the blockade last year, the shooting experience is definitely not the same,” she says. “It certainly took me some time to travel to different places during the pandemic and get used to the new normal shooting.” Mega found it difficult to stay home for a long time.

“That was one of the reasons I tried to shoot as soon as the blockade restrictions were relaxed,” she reveals. actress.

“The shooting experience is not the same”

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