The rationale for China’s recent South Asian initiative is invalid: Maldives

Maldives Foreign Minister and UN General Assembly President Abdullah Shahid did not invite Maldives to two recently launched “South Asia” initiatives on vaccines and poverty alleviation centers, but strangely they did. He told ET that he called it the initiative.

“China did not invite the Maldives to two recently launched initiatives on vaccines and poverty alleviation centers, but for strange reasons described these initiatives as South Asian initiatives,” Shahid said in New Delhi on Thursday. I told ET. Bhutan was also not invited to these initiatives in which Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Pakistan participated.

To describe India as a true friend who has supported the Maldives during any emergency, regardless of Male Shahid’s administration, is that the Yamain-led opposition has targeted the Sori government for its success. He said he was targeting India in the process. “India is also targeted by opposition parties because the sled government follows India’s first policy,” Shahid said when asked about the recent threat to male Indian diplomats.

When asked to chair the UN General Assembly, the foreign minister said his one-year term would be the president of hope in a pandemic. “What humanity has experienced since last year has been unimaginable, so I decided to dedicate my presidency to hope. We need to celebrate the hope that humanity has shown in this crisis.”

“I have come to promise the President of Hope. I choose the theme of the President of Hope in light of the loss, pain and devastation that covid 19 has suffered in all countries of the world. I felt it was time to look. Keep in mind our goodness in every individual. During the pandemic, we are the kindness, humanity and frontline workers of many people. I’ve seen medical professionals, nurses and doctors, selflessly throwing themselves into the cause of mankind. I’ve seen miraculous vaccines invented at record speed. There is light at the end of the tunnel. That is why I became promising-President of Hope. During our presidency, we can build the presidency of hope based on the five rays of hope. My submission to the international community. We need to address climate issues and we must respect human rights and all rights, “explained the Minister.

“We support India’s accession to the Security Council as a permanent member. As President of the United Nations General Assembly, I am trying to bring together countries and form a broad consensus on the Security Council reform process. It is the role of the Maldives, adding that it was one of the first 10 countries to call for UNSC reform in the 1970s.

He said the UN Security Council’s one-month Indian agenda was very impressive and had a range of partnerships with the Maldives in the context of ocean security.

Shahid, UNGA’s 76th session president-elect, arrived in India on Wednesday with a three-day visit. This is the first overseas visit since the election, when India played an important role.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss major international, multilateral, regional and bilateral issues of mutual interest with EAM Jaishankar. “.

An agreement on an influential community development project in the Maldives with the support of India will also be signed during the visit.

The rationale for China’s recent South Asian initiative is invalid: Maldives

Source link The rationale for China’s recent South Asian initiative is invalid: Maldives

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