The IPL remained isolated from the reality on earth while the millions of people who succeeded in it suffered.

Some things cannot go with you. Like celebrations and mourning.

Since its 14th edition began on April 9, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has turned its back on the powerlessness and darkness of the country. Meanwhile, millions of people have been defeated by the virus, and millions have lived in constant fear of losing their loved ones. Many people, on the other hand, were in hyper-celebration mode as if they were living in a parallel world, with little thought of suffering outside.

BCCI’s insensitivity to people’s plight was unimaginable for the sports association, which boasts the largest fan base and leverages it to earn billions of dollars through media rights. In the first few weeks of the tournament, there was no approval from players, stakeholders or even commentators on the domestic pandemic situation. It was a business as usual, until the backlash began to hit them from every corner and forced some sort of approval and message.

On Tuesday, BCCI was forced to “postpone the IPL 2021 season and take effect immediately” after several positive Covid-19 cases across the franchise over the past two days.

This is not a shock to anyone. It was only a matter of time before BCCI stabbed the biosecure bubble created for all players and officials in the way the Covid-19 virus struck the entire country. How long can you protect yourself from the tremendous turmoil that unfolds outside the door?

There was ample criticism of the crowd’s amplified artificial surround sound, cinematic beats, fan walls, relentless sponsorship mentions, and IPL with loud congratulatory commentary. Empathy for people was accentuated by its lack.

A board that puts money into the accounts of some domestic players, which provide jobs to hundreds of people and would otherwise have difficulty achieving their goals. It helps keep people home and frees them from the anxiety caused by the darkness around them. When you can’t (or can’t) sympathize with those who are suffering, you’re unconvincing. Would you like to line up for a wedding past a sad house?

As of Tuesday, more than Rs 22,000 Indians have died from Covid-19 (much less than the actual number for many accounts). Another 200 million rupees are suffering from the virus. How do you think people will enjoy IPL when the morning begins the day of condolences and inquiries about hospital bed availability?

The IPL took place last year in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without any problems. It may have been held there again this year. The UAE recorded just over 1,700 for more than 3.5 easy daily cases reported in India on Monday. For some immeasurable reason, one force chose to host a tournament in India. Like last year’s United Arab Emirates, the stadium has no spectators this year. For TV-only events, how important is where it plays? Was it an attempt to overlook, gamble, or earn political brownie points?

One of the differences from last year was the number of venues. It has increased from 3 in the UAE to 6 in India (Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore). If anything, the lesson was that the smaller the number of venues, the easier it is to manage biobubbles and the safety of everyone involved. They were able to learn from the Indian Super League (ISL), which played the entire season in Goa. What was the coercion to make it a multi-city celebration?

Some may argue that India’s Covid load was consistently declining when the decision was made. And no one could have imagined that the situation would explode as it does now. In that case, BCCI is in urgent need of better decision-making personnel who can handle all possible scenarios.

One of the biggest lessons of the past year has been to make a short-term plan. The pandemic situation changes very rapidly and Plan B and Plan C need to be prepared.

In mid-March, when IPL 2021 was still more than 20 days away from the first match, there were clear indicators of a surge in Covid-19 cases. Is BCCI so incompetent that it wasn’t even thinking about keeping a waiting area in case of an emergency in the event of an unforeseen event?

India has just witnessed high stake elections in five states (!). Political parties mobilized millions of people to show off their power and support for the rally. A second wave of 19 was thrown. Imagine BCCI taking an IPL out of the country due to the huge number of cases of Covid-19. However, political parties, especially the ruling party, have not shown similar restraints in the campaign. Was the IPL held in India to keep their political masters out of the dark?

Whether BCCI was guided by commerce or part of a larger story-building exercise to portray the situation as usual, the BCCI-created bubble burst into its face. Thankfully, BCCI did not listen to the worsening situation in the league and made the logical choice to interrupt the game.

The IPL remained isolated from the reality on earth while the millions of people who succeeded in it suffered.

Source link The IPL remained isolated from the reality on earth while the millions of people who succeeded in it suffered.

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