The IMF welcomes the Government of India’s steps to combat COVID-19

The IMF on Thursday welcomed the recent announcement by the Government of India to facilitate access to vaccination and increase production of essential medicines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Monday that the central government will provide the state with a free coronavirus vaccine to inoculate all people over the age of 18 from June 21st, and the number of future vaccine supplies to fight COVID. A 19-pandemic that claimed to increase significantly in days.

“The International Monetary Fund welcomes the Government of India’s announcement that it will provide additional support to facilitate access to the pandemic, minimize the social costs of the pandemic, and significantly reduce the labor costs of the pandemic. We strongly welcome the government’s announcement on that point, “IMF spokesperson Jerry Rice told reporters at a biweekly press conference.

Rice said the second wave and related containment measures signaled a sharp decline in India’s economic activity. The IMF will revise India’s growth forecast in the next update of its global economic outlook, which will be announced next month.

“Of course, India is an important economy for the global economy as it has a large share of global and regional GDP. Therefore, India’s growth and economic outlook works primarily through trade ties and the global supply chain. The ripple effect has a broader meaning, especially in South Asia and the region. ”

“In the light of the global economic outlook, India will have more time to release its latest forecasts,” he said. India reported 94,052 new COVID-19 cases, with infections reaching 2,91,83,121 and deaths of 3,59,676, with 6,148 deaths recorded per day. This is the best since the outbreak of the pandemic. Union Ministry of Health data was updated on Thursday.

In his speech to the country, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the country has successfully produced two Indian-made COVID-19 vaccines in a short period of time and has already received more than Rs 2.3 billion vaccines.

Vaccine supply claims to increase significantly in the coming days, the central government has now decided to buy 75% of jabs from vaccine makers for a free supply to the state, and private hospitals continue to buy 25 of the vaccines. Said to raise%. However, you may not charge more than 150 rupees per dose beyond the preset price.

Modi said efforts have been made to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at various levels, increasing production of essential medicines, and India is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in multiple ways, with new medical care. Infrastructure has been created nationwide.

The IMF welcomes the Government of India’s steps to combat COVID-19

Source link The IMF welcomes the Government of India’s steps to combat COVID-19

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