The government currently has no plans to block social media platforms: MoS IT

Congress regularly communicates with social media companies on issues such as platform accountability and user safety, and currently has no plans to block domestic social media platforms, Congress said Thursday. I was notified.

Some users are abusing social media platforms to create hatred and maliciousness among the people of the country, but social media platforms and other intermediaries cannot destroy India’s democracy, electronics. Minister Rajiv Chandra Sekar said in a written reply Large Yasaba’s question.

“Currently, the government has no plans to block domestic social media platforms,” ​​he added.

The minister said the government would receive various complaints from users about hatred content on social media platforms and respond to them in an appropriate manner.

He added that the government regularly interacts with social media intermediaries on a variety of issues, including issuing recommendations to make social media intermediaries safe and accountable to users.

“Indian democracy is constitutionally based and has constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights to all citizens. Social media platforms and other intermediaries destroy our democracy. You can’t, “emphasized Chandra Sekar.

He said that under the provisions of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000, the government, for the sake of India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s defense, national security, foreign friendships or the interests of the general public, He said it would block malicious online content. Orde.

In response to a question about whether the government is proposing to normalize social media in the country, Chandrasekhar said the policy aims to ensure a fair, open and reliable internet. ..

“Government policy aims to enable free, fair, open and reliable Internet and intermediaries to operate domestically, as long as they comply with applicable laws such as the Information Technology (IT) Act and Regulations of 2000. “He said.

Chandrasekhar said the IT Act allows the Ministry of Electronics and IT to block certain apps in accordance with the due process specified in the 2009 Information Technology (Procedures and Protective Measures to Block Access to Information) Regulations. Said that you called the provisions of Section 69A.

He added that it is the government’s efforts to create an effective and investor-friendly policy environment for the country.

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The government currently has no plans to block social media platforms: MoS IT

Source link The government currently has no plans to block social media platforms: MoS IT

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