The core data of HR operations.Enhancements to play an important role: ManpowerGroup

According to ManpowerGroup India’s prominent recruitment and staffing, data will be at the core of HR operations, and pandemics will change the role of key corporate functions, including data expansion, splicing, and framing people’s policy analysis. It will be like.

“The human resources departments of large organizations these days analyze as much data as other departments such as finance and sales,” said Alok Kumar, senior director of sales and global accounts at Manpower. It’s not just about HR management anymore. They also speak from a data perspective, he added.

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This is because the majority of white-collar workers have remained away from the office for the past 18 months due to remote and hybrid work that requires a pandemic, and there is little room for HR managers to personally interact with employees. It’s accelerating.

Previously, HR managers used in-house sessions to convey workplace culture to employees and bring their voice back to top management to formulate policies.Now they have to rely on the data, Kumar said. Today’s business.

LinkedIn searches have generated hundreds of jobs across the sector under the titles of Human Resources Analyst, Human Resources Development Analyst, Dispatch Analyst, and Human Resources Acquisition Analyst. The qualifications required for the job included an engineering / computer science background and skills in Excel, Alteryx, and Tableau. The description states that the idea of ​​analytics with dashboards, data, and reports needs to be introduced into the talent management cycle.

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Kumar said that analyzing the sample size is no longer enough to get an accurate image. “Enhancement plays an important role in analyzing data for the entire organization, not just the sample. It’s stitched together and sliced, and why employees’ voices, what they think, and specific reactions. I need to find out if it’s there. It’s coming. “

Training for HR personnel on the use of these skills and technical tools is already underway at most companies, he said.

“The annual employee engagement surveys we conducted are frequent quarterly and monthly, otherwise the human resources industry will not be able to feel the heartbeat of its employees.”

The company employs 3,500-4,000 full-time white-collar employees annually, including senior management, in sectors such as engineering and manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical IT, ITS, BPO and KPO, automotive, BFSI, hospitality and retail. We have over 550 clients. , NS.

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The core data of HR operations.Enhancements to play an important role: ManpowerGroup

Source link The core data of HR operations.Enhancements to play an important role: ManpowerGroup

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