The CAT cutoff 2021 is likely to decline and the 85th percentile scorer could be a call from IIM: Expert

Common Admission Test — CAT2021 Answer Key will be released shortly. Reportedly, the CAT response key will be released on from Monday to December 6th. Students can estimate their score based on the answer key. A window is provided to the candidate to raise a dissenting opinion, and after considering all such dissenting opinions, the final answer key is released.

CAT 2021 results are based on the final answer key. Based on the scores obtained in the CAT result 2021, candidates are eligible to enroll in top B schools nationwide, including Premium IIM. CAT2021, which has been discontinued from Top B School, may be depressed this year.

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“CAT2021 had fewer questions than last year. The lack of choices regarding the number of questions made the dissertation even more difficult. The long aisles of the VARC section and the tedious LRDI set were time consuming and challenged by applicants. With fewer cutoffs this year, the cutoffs must be lower. The minimum percentile cutoff required for each section covered by a call can be around the 85th percentile, “Amit Poddar Sr. The regional manager said.

For students in the unbooked category, the cutoff could be 80th percentile in IIM-Ahmedabad, 85th percentile in Bangalore, and 60th percentile in IIM Calicut, said College Disha co-founder Dileep Jaiswal. .. He added that IIT Delhi’s management school, IIT Madras, is likely to accept candidates above the 95th percentile score.

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The cutoff does not guarantee a call, but it is the minimum required to receive a call from a top B school such as IIM, SP Jain, MDI or FMS. The overall cutoff for these B-schools is usually above the 95th percentile. For students in the general category. However, these universities are not the only ones to get CAT scores. Universities like IMT, IMI, XIM, DSE, and some IITs require about 90th percentile for calls.

CAT 2021: What are the options for low scorers?

If someone is expecting about the 85th percentile, that person can apply to universities such as FORE, GLIM, TAPMI, LBS, IMT NAGPUR, BIMTECH, IFMR, LIBA. Applicants who are expecting a percentile of about 60-70 can see other exams. SNAP, NMAT, CMAT and more are mentioned by Poddar.

“A total of 5,100 seats are available across the IIM, more than 2,31,000 candidates are enrolled in the test, and the success rate is only 2.21%. Therefore, if you do not score in CAT, plan As B, you should always be aware of alternatives. One of the new alternatives preferred by many candidates is the globally accredited MBA program available in India during the pandemic. Studying abroad is expensive and risky, so many courses offered in India are a choice of applicants’ preference, “suggested Professor Anupam Saxena, Vice Dean and Director of the RICS School of Built Environment at Amity University. Did.

CAT 2021 was successfully implemented on November 28, 2021 at 438 test centers spread over 156 cities in India in three shifts. Of the registered eligible candidates of Rs. 23,000, about Rs. 192,000 participated in the exam. The overall attendance rate was about 83 percent. Of the 192,000 rupee candidates who took the exam, 35% are female, 65% are male, and two candidates are transgender.

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The CAT cutoff 2021 is likely to decline and the 85th percentile scorer could be a call from IIM: Expert

Source link The CAT cutoff 2021 is likely to decline and the 85th percentile scorer could be a call from IIM: Expert

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