“The boy was disappointed with the Campur draw”-Rahul Dravid

Indian head coach Rahul Dravid was a happy man when the team won 372 runs over New Zealand at Wankede Stadium. But this was not the case in Kanpur. It was the venue for the first test. India was very close and put the kiwi on the mat. Nevertheless, they were unable to deliver the sucker punch. But not Mumbai.

“It’s good to finish the test series with a note of victory and we were very close in Kanpur, but we couldn’t get the last ticket gate. Thanks to the team, they recovered from the difficult situation and I was a little disappointed that I didn’t finish it in Kanpur. It’s nice to see the boys step up and seize the opportunity. We lost a few seniors, but the young people have the opportunity. I grabbed it, “Dravid said after the match.

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The organizers took only 69 balls to put things together at Wankede Stadium. Jayant Yadaf led the pack with four wickets. Dravid said he was happy to see Jayant working well because he was among the people who couldn’t play test cricket very much.

“Jayant (Yadaf) found it difficult yesterday, but it worked this morning. Many of these guys don’t have the opportunity to play a lot (of test cricket), especially Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwal, Axar Patel. It’s great to see people like Jayant doing well. It gives us a lot of choices when seniors come back. “

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“We didn’t have to think about it (about possible declarations), we had a lot of time and knew we could bowl them out. Also, many young people Needed the opportunity to hit the bat in difficult situations-to play with this kind of bounce and red soil wickets, it only helps them grow as players, especially when they travel and have different conditions. When playing with. We knew we had enough time to put them in the bowl again. It’s a good situation to join (at the team’s choice). Some injuries before this game. It was to challenge us. “

Depending on the amount of cricket play, he said management needs to handle the boy’s workload well. “Boys play a lot of cricket in different formats. We need to secure their workload. But everyone is challenging the place. As the amount of cricket increases. It’s good to see, but it’s a good headache. “

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“The boy was disappointed with the Campur draw”-Rahul Dravid

Source link “The boy was disappointed with the Campur draw”-Rahul Dravid

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