The 1928 church is now a $ 1.3 million four-bedroom house with large stained glass windows.

ST. Petersburg, Florida: The 1928 church was converted into a four-bedroom home with large stained glass windows from Jesus.

The house in St. Petersburg, Florida will be closed for $ 1.3 million later this week, listing agent Brian Belcher told the Tampa Bay Times.

The living room of the house features a high ceiling with the original exposed scissors truss and has several pew seats, the newspaper reported.

“It’s a very unique property. As soon as you enter the main living room from the front door, the ceiling is high, so it’s just“ awesome ”,” said Belcher, who works for the Coastal Properties Group.

According to Belcher, Bluewater Builders will buy the church for $ 580,000 in 2018, demolish the church and use the land to build a new home.

Instead, the developers demolished parts of the structure, removed the parking lot, and built three homes. However, the newspaper reported that they kept the original church intact, turned it into a home, and added a new saltwater pool.

“The builder has a high-end finish that puts it on top,” Belcher said.

This property went on the market in late March. According to Belcher, the first prospective buyer arrived at 9am and submitted the offer within 30 minutes.

Angie Connor, president of the Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association, said the developers worked with members of the Baptist Church of the American Beatitudes, neighborhood associations, and conservationists to preserve the original structure.

Neighbors were able to see the finished product the night before it hit the market, Connor said. She sent a ton of emails and expected dozens of people to appear.

But she told the Times that the line had wrapped the block for over an hour. Visitors included the granddaughter of a former pastor who was the Gray Lutheran Church.

“It was really thrilling and exciting,” Connor said. “It really was the result of the neighborhood working together.”

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The 1928 church is now a $ 1.3 million four-bedroom house with large stained glass windows.

Source link The 1928 church is now a $ 1.3 million four-bedroom house with large stained glass windows.

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