That’s all you need to know to pursue higher education in Australia

Australia has been at the top of the list of overseas destinations popular with Indian students for quite some time. Apart from certain isolated and difficult situations, Australia is a chart topper for Indian students who happen to be thinking about studying abroad.

Still, before you go to Australia, there are some important things to keep in mind to keep things going smoothly from the beginning.

Tuition fees in Australia

In Australia, international students range from about AUD12,000 to AUD40,000 (about) 65,000 rupees Depending on the type of course registered, the course fee is 210,000 rupees per year).For leading universities such as the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne, the cost of a master’s degree is about AUD 47,500 (about) 250,000 rupees) and A $ 37,000 (approx. 200,000 rupees each).

If a student wants to study at a university such as James Cook University or the University of Tasmania, the fee is AUD 14,740 (approx. 80,000 rupees) and A $ 33,950 (approx. 180,000 rupees a year).

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There are also universities such as Charles Sturt University and Australian Catholic University, which give students A $ 33,216. 180,000 rupees) and A $ 32,000 (approx. 170,000 rupees) For the master’s program.

Students with academic benefits can use scholarships to offset large tuition fees to a large extent. Apart from this, based on your profile, you may get a scholarship of about 10% to 35%.

Cost of living

For big cities, living costs can be quite high, from A $ 350 to A $ 900. 20,000 ~ 50,000) / week. In the case of accommodation, the story is similar because the cost varies greatly depending on the nature of boarding and accommodation (rental, homestay, guest house, hostel, campus, shared rental, boarding school).

For example, in a city like Melbourne, the rent for living in a share house is about AUD 150-300 (about) 8,000-16,000 per week). In most cases, the term “affordable rent” means that you stay far from the city, share accommodation with more people, and your apartment is in an old or dilapidated building.

For example, if you are planning to stay in a suburb like Bandura in Melbourne, the cost of a shared room is about AUD 150 (about) 8,000) weeks. Accommodation costs will also continue to change based on your preferred choice of city in which you want to study. Sydney is known for its high rents in Australia, but rents in Adelaide are the lowest.

It should be noted that in Australia, rental contracts include a “rental deposit”. This means that you have to pay a security deposit for a long-term lease. This deposit is a type of insurance that assists the owner of a building in the event of property damage or setstles a pending amount that a student should pay to the owner.

Work visa options

For students who want to study in Australia, there are plenty of opportunities to come back and work for quite some time.

The latest post-study work visa granted by the Australian Government provides ample opportunity to work, study and live in some of the country’s notable regions for a period of two to four years.

Travel restrictions

The covid-19 pandemic restrictions have continued since last year for international students traveling from India to Australia. After the second wave of the pandemic, the Australian Government suspended students from India.

Many Indian students want to go to Australia and are optimistic that the ban will be lifted sooner than expected. Therefore, we can expect the situation to improve in the next few days.

Ajesh Raj is the co-founder and CEO of Edumpus.

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That’s all you need to know to pursue higher education in Australia

Source link That’s all you need to know to pursue higher education in Australia

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