“Thank you for your kind words Jay Shah”

WV Raman, former head coach of the Indian women’s cricket team, thanked BCCI’s secretary Jay Shah on Saturday. Raman insisted on a slanderous campaign against him the day after Ramesh Poire was appointed on his behalf by the Cricket Advisory Board following the selection process.

Raman shot a letter to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, writing that he would be “extremely embarrassed” if his candidacy was rejected for reasons other than “my incompetence as a coach.”

“I think you might have had different views on my functional style and work ethic,” Raman wrote. “It doesn’t really matter at this point whether these views communicated to BCCI staff have had any effect on my candidacy.”

“The important thing is that the slander campaign appears to have gained unreasonable traction with some BCCI personnel who need to be permanently suspended. If you or any of the Secretary-General needs it. , I’m ready to explain. “

But he now praises the “kind words” from the Shah without going into the details. “Thanks to @JayShah for his kind words in communicating with me … I am very grateful .. @ BCCI,” he writes.

Raman wasn’t specifically mentioned in his email, which was also sent to Rahul David, director of the National Cricket Academy. However, he has largely revealed that the star culture that is prevalent in Indian women’s cricket teams is harmful.

“In my 20-year coaching career, I’ve always created a culture where teams always come first and insist that no individual overrides either the game or the team,” he wrote. I will.

“For a long period of time, ignoring the opinions of everyone else and paying attention to only one individual’s opinion created a gap in the process and system,” he said. ..

He said the game’s “more complete” legend came forward, seeking to save women’s cricket and being open to sharing his ideas as they approached.

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“Thank you for your kind words Jay Shah”

Source link “Thank you for your kind words Jay Shah”

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